Xennya Terrace

Xennya Terrace

A nice outdoor venue overlooking Sheikh Zayed Road and Burj Al Arab, Xenya Terrace is set up on the rooftop of Holiday Inn Barsha, adjacent to the gym. The venue serves shisha, drinks and an international food menu.

Reservation: As the place gets busy, we definitely recommend making a reservation before making your way to the venue.

Parking: Underground parking and valet parking are both available at the hotel.

Greeting & Seating:The server was very cordial and gave us options to choose our table. We chose the low couches from where we could enjoy the views of the Burj Al Arab.

Knowledge & Service of the server(s): The menu is very extensive. The server was polite enough to assist us by providing his recommendations.

Our Order: We ordered the Calamari Rings and Nachos as appetizers. The Nachos were fully loaded and delicious. They were hot and served with Guacamole, salsa and sour cream. For the mains, we ordered the Veggie Burger and the Pasta. The burger came with fries, which were delectable and crunchy. The burger itself was also enjoyable. The Pink Penne Pasta was saucy as requested and hit the spot. For dessert, we ordered the Tiramisu and the Brownie. Even though we were stuffed, we were compelled to order these classics from the menu. The Tiramisu was soft and fresh, and tasted yummy. The brownie was served with ice cream and was the perfect mix of warm brownie and cold ice cream.

Courtesy extended during the meal:The server was attentive and was around if anything was needed.
The shisha service was also prompt and coal was changed in time.

Food Quality & Taste: The food was fresh and the overall taste was excellent. It surpassed our expectations.

Ambiance: Even though there were other people at the venue, the venue is peaceful and quiet. It is an appropriate venue for casual get-togethers allowing people to interact and converse with each other. It could also be suitable for an informal group meeting.

Price: Average dish was priced at AED 50 on the menu and therefore quite reasonable for what was offered.

Overall would I return? Yes, surely.

Chef’s Recommendation: Burgers, Sheesh Taouk