La Tablita

La Tablita

La Tablita is Dubai’s newest licensed Mexican restaurant and is located at The Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek. 

Having spent many years in the US, a close neighbor to Mexico, my taste buds are well attuned to good Mexican food and so my bar is set relatively high in this cuisine category. I can confidently say that La Tablita does not disappoint! 

You can conveniently drop off the car to the courteous valet team at the hotel entrance. Just make sure you do not forget to get the valet ticket stamped once you are done with your meal.

Greeting & Seating:
Once we entered the hotel, we simply followed the Mayan symbols which lead us directly to La Tablita. We had a great start to the evening as we were welcomed warmly by the hosts at the reception who offered us a choice of tables towards the end of the restaurant.

Knowledge & Service of the server(s):
Given that our server was actually from Mexico, we immediately felt that we were in good hands in terms of recommendations of what to order. She was extremely friendly yet professional in guiding us through the menu and taking our order.

Our Order:
The menu was so mouth-watering that if given a chance I would have tried all the dishes! Better sense prevailed and we stuck to the recommendations of our server.
We ordered the following:
- Guacamole
- Chicken Quesadilla
- Camarones Al Ajillo (Shrimp, garlic, mushrooms and guajillo chili)
- Chicken Fajita
- Beef Taco
- Churros with grandma’s chocolate sauce

Food Quality & Taste:
Everything from the appetizers to the desert was delicious! The guacamole was very good and every dish that came to our table thereafter just kept getting better only to end with perhaps the best churros in town. The quesadilla, fajita & taco were all excellent and my pick of the evening would be the camerones al ajillo. Given that they offer a variety of Tacos, each at only AED 12, I would have definitely tried more of them had my stomach offered more elasticity!  

Courtesy extended during the meal:
Our servers subtly kept a watch on the progress of each course without being intrusive. As soon as we were done with one course, the next was served in quick time. Overall the service and hospitality of the team was commendable. As I have perhaps mentioned in my earlier reviews, a happy team creates a positive mood for the patrons and that definitely contributed to our enjoyable experience.

The dimly-lit restaurant accompanied by lively music in the background creates the perfect combination of a romantic yet fun ambiance. As the evening passed, there were many more customers that walked through only to make the venue more vibrant. 

Excellent value for money in comparison to other Mexican restaurants in the 5 star category.

Overall would I return?
I am already craving some of dishes and am keen to try out the new ones we missed out on. I would probably rate La Tablita as one of Dubai’s top Mexican restaurants and one where I intend to be a regular.

Chef’s Recommendation:

Sharing Items
Chicken quesadilla
Beef or Mushroom quesadilla
Camarones Al Ajillo
Ensalata de jicarna
Chicken fajita
Beef taco

Churros with grandmas chocolate sauce

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