Years ago I dined at the Cipriani branch on Yas Island and It was an excellent fine dining experience where the ambiance emanated exquisite elegance with panache. My visit to this venue was a memorable one and I distinctly recall the feeling of being in a Monaco-styled area. As you can imagine, I was keen to re-live my experience as soon as I heard that Cipriani was opening in Dubai.

For good reason, getting a reservation here is difficult and therefore we suggest making one much in advance of your dining date. The hostess/receptionists assisting with your booking are quite helpful and polite.

Your best option would be to valet at the entrance for the restaurants at DIFC. Make sure you get your valet ticket validated before you leave the restaurant. Once you handover the car, take the escalators up and turn right. Walk straight ahead and the restaurant will be on your right.

Greeting & Seating:
As we entered  the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by the hostess at the reception area who confirmed our reservation. We were then escorted to our table and were given a choice of indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating at the terrace did not feel any different from their indoor dining area as it was mostly enclosed. It was also quite a small area that was peaceful but we ultimately chose to dine inside as the vibe was better.

Knowledge & Service of the server(s):
The service at Cipriani has always been its strength and this continues at this branch as well. Each individual is genuinely interested in extending their hospitality in every way they can.

Our Order:
We decided to order based on the server’s recommendations. For appetizers we went with the calamari, and the burrata. For the salad(s) we ordered the beetroot and asparagus salad with goat cheese. For main course we ordered a pizza, a risotto  and the  turkey ham pasta without beef. For dessert we ordered the apple pie.

Courtesy extended during the meal:
Throughout the meal, our server politely checked if there was anything we needed. His manager passed by as well to check if we were enjoying our experience. They really know how to ensure the top level of service.

Food Quality & Taste:
While the service held up to the highest possible levels, the food was good but we had higher expectations. The burrata was good but the beetroot and asparagus salad lacked luster. The pizza, risotto & turkey ham pasta were also good but perhaps they could have been prepared with more flavor. As for the dessert, the apple pie is not where their expertise lies. I would recommend trying a more traditional Italian dessert.

Cipriani offers a highly sophisticated fine dining ambiance. While other restaurants in a similar category choose to provide a more contemporary ambiance, Cipriani takes pride in its dignified style through its plush yet subtle décor that is accentuated by its elegant persona of its staff.

It is where you expect it; high!

Overall would I return?
I would return with the quest of tasting more dishes to find out my favorites so that I can be a regular this venue.

Chef’s Recommendations:

Betroot Salad

Main Course:
Turkey ham pasta

Pear Cheescake
Apple Pie
Lemon Tart