Top Shisha Parlors

  • One of Business Bay's newest restaurants and shisha parlors, Knoon's vibrant interiors puts a spring in your step the minute you walk in. The service is bubbly and the shisha even bubblier from 10AM to 6PM, when you can score a shisha for just 35 dirhams. Score an even better deal on weekdays, from 12PM to 3PM, with Knoon's 65 to 89 dirham business lunch with shisha. recommends: Grape mint and peach shisha.

    Good to know: K'noon serves shisha until 2AM on weekdays and 4AM on Thursdays and Fridays.

  • One of the most prodigious entries on this list, the Sunken Garden is a bespoke cocktail bar and shisha parlor in one of Dubai's hottest districts. A social garden in the middle of a concrete jungle, snuggle down with a shisha amidst its collection of exotic plants. Its prolific shisha menu features 30 luxurious flavors of Al Layali premium tobacco. Taking pride in its creative combinations, some of the Sunken Garden's quirkier shisha flavors include refreshing mango tango, indulgent raspberry cream, and smooth chocolate mint. recommends: Blueberry grape and orange mint.

    Good to know: While open until 3AM, Sunken Garden's last call for shisha is at 1.45 AM.


  • Sarouja's story begins in its namesake district in Damascus. Originally built in the 13th century, the neighborhood's memory has evolved into a restaurant in Dubai. The Syrian restaurant serves up extravagant Arabian vibes, unforgettable Middle East hospitality, and scrumptious shisha. Sarouja celebrates its female patrons four times a week – on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Bring your gal pals along and enjoy a free shisha when you purchase one. recommends: Blueberry and gum with cinnamon or mint.

    Good to know: Sarouja serves shisha until 3AM.

  • Tailored for the UAE, Chateau Blanc wears many hats – from a gourmet bakery and confectionary to a restaurant and shisha parlor. It spans across two floors and is located in a chic villa in Jumeirah, sporting scenic views of the beach from its glass-walled shisha terrace. Chateau Blanc hosts a ladies' night every Wednesday – women enjoy free shisha when they spend 50 dirhams. recommends: Blue mist and watermelon shisha.

    Good to know: Chateau Blanc serves shisha until 1AM on weekdays and 3AM on weekends.

  • No introduction required, Cello is a second home to Dubai's shisha aficianados. The legendary shisha parlor goes above and beyond to serve its customers - even if it means staying open 24 hours! Located slap-bang in the middle of Trade Center Area, Cello is frequented by shisha lovers from every corner of Dubai. Ideal for winter nights under the stars, Cello's al fresco courtyard is where all the action is at. Cello Cafe also offers shisha delivery in the Trade Center Area. recommends: Grape mint and double apple shisha.

    Good to know: Cello Cafe serves shisha all day, every day.

  • Lap up serene views of the twinkling creek as you bubble away on QD's famous shisha. The al fresco restaurant, bar, and shisha parlor gives guests a front-row seat to Dubai's stunning cityscape. Its limited-edition summer deal will leave you crossing your fingers for warmer weather – the higher the temperature, the higher the discount on your bill. recommends: Double apple and mint shisha.

    Good to know: QD's serves shisha until 3AM.

  • Sending an arrow straight through every Dubai kid's heart, Zaroob is dripping with Middle Eastern nostalgia. While most restaurants flaunt exclusive art and framed awards - Zaroob's hall of fame is weighed down with vintage tubs of Nido, bottles of Vimto, and cans of Rainbow milk. The Ibn Battuta branch, cozied up in a Chinese pagoda, houses a cozy shisha parlor and gahwa cafe. recommends: Grape mint and lemon.

    Good to know: Zaroob serves shisha until midnight on weekdays and 1AM on weekends.

  • Initially launched at Mirdif Mall, The Kana Cafe rapidly rose to fame for its exotic shisha flavors. The brand now boasts branches in Business Bay and Motor City. Inspired by the word “khana” or place, the restaurant and shisha parlor is the go-to destination for neighborhood shisha fans. In addition to its shisha, it's also popular for its selection of Arabesque pasta dishes. recommends: Gum with cinnamon and blue mist shisha.

    Good to know: The Kana Cafe serves shisha until 1.30 AM.

  • Bringing the essence of Beiruti communal dining to Dubai, Filful mashes together traditional Lebanese style with modern Dubai trends. Its shisha menu features crowd favorites like lemon mint, double apple, and grape. It also features specialty flavors like saloum, ajami, and rose. recommends: Apple mint and grape mint shisha.

    Good to know: Filful serves shisha with breakfast from 8AM right until 12.3o AM.

  • This casual coffeeshop and shisha parlor isn't about thrills and frills. Its pocket-friendly yet diverse shisha menu includes typical bestsellers like mint and double apple and offbeat ones like paan rasna and paan kiwi too. Kick back with a Middle Eastern brew and boardgame while you're there. recommends: Mint and double apple shisha.

    Good to know: Exit serves shisha until 2AM.

  • An enchanting escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Al Falamanki is a village-style restaurant and shisha parlor. From the enthusiastic service to the vibrant soul food, it's the perfect place to kickstart your weekend with a shisha. In addition to its range of fruit-flavored shisha, Al Falamanki offers guests a taste of Persian shisha and its own signature shisha mix. For an evening that's straight out of a Middle Eastern postcard, cap off your night with a round of backgammon. recommends: Al Falamanki's signature mix and watermelon mint shisha.

    Good to know: Al Falamanki serves shisha until 5AM.

  • Draped in vintage Middle Eastern film posters and pops of purple, Azkadenya is the mall crawling shisha lover's paradise. Its shisha menu features conventional classics like apple, grape, and mint and a couple of punchy options like gum with mint and cinnamon. Pair your shisha with Azkadenya's newly launched Vimto smoothie for the ultimate nostalgic throwback. recommends: Lemon mint and double apple shisha.

    Good to know: Azkadenya's outdoor shisha terrace is open until 11PM during the winter. It is temporarily closed during the summer and will re-open in September.

  • Garage Cafe is a haven for Instagrammers that love their shisha. Dishing out widely loved flavors like blueberry, watermelon, rose, and cherry – the urban pitstop-themed shisha parlor is accented with photogenic props like a London phonebooth and carseats. Located in Karama, it's an easy commute from both old and new Dubai. Garage Cafe offers female guests complimentary shisha every Tuesday, from 6PM to 1AM, with a minimum spend of 25 dirhams. recommends: Strawberry and Garage Cafe's own mixed blend shisha.

    Good to know: Garage Cafe is open 24 hours, serving both early birds and night owls.

  • Primarily designed for Emirati women, Huqqa is an upmarket restaurant and shisha parlor in the heart of Dubai Mall. After enjoying sweeping fame in Turkey, the brand sailed over to Dubai and has rapidly woven itself into the local shisha scene. An expansive space, Huqqa is a Turkish restaurant, artisanal delicatessen, and glamorous shisha lounge under a single roof. Huqqa's shisha shisha lounge is its own entity, decked with spacious sofas and television screens. recommends: Starbuzz originals and Huqqa's signature house blend.

    Good to know: Huqqa serves shisha until 1AM.

  • Smoqoholic's neon lights and mad scientist-esque shisha contraptions give it an otherworldly vibe. Its fantastic service, live music, board games, and belly busting menu ensure it's always got customers trickling in. Despite the ambiance, Smoqoholic draws the line at shisha and doesn't serve alcohol. Its eclectic menu makes it a bucketlist destination for shisha enthusiasts. recommends: Paan with vanilla or paan kiwi shisha.

    Good to know: Smoqoholic serves shisha until 3AM.

  • This twee restaurant and shisha cafe is renowned for its bespoke pastries, scrumptious breakfast, and eclectic shisha. The family-friendly eatery sports a rustic French décor and an extensive shisha menu. While it features classics like apple and watermelon, adventurous shisha lovers are sure to enjoy the unusual flavors of mulberry and liquorice. In addition to its regular shisha menu, Crumbs Elysee has a special selection packed with tropical flavor combinations. recommends: Grape mint and double apple shisha.

    Good to know: Crumbs Elysee serves shisha until 3AM.

  • Reem Al Bawadi has been winning the hearts of shisha enthusiasts since 2001. Combining romantic Mediterranean vibes with traditional Middle Eastern fare, it's loved for its charming service and relaxed ambiance. Puff on a delicious shisha while nibbling on a range classic of Lebanese tapas. recommends: Watermelon Mint or Lemon Mint

    Good to know: Reem Al Bawadi serves shisha until 2AM.

  • Al Safadi is decked out with a palatial Mediterraenean aesthetic. From staple starters like hummous and labneh to hearty mains like barbecued meat and loaded sandwiches, its interiors and menu boast an old school Lebanese vibe. Al Safadi's shisha menu features mu‘assel for guests that enjoy a sweet shisha and ajami for those that like their shisha without the bells and whistles. recommends: Grape Mint Shisha

    Good to know: Al Safadi serves shisha until 1AM.