Top Thai Restaurants

  • Thai Chi, as the name suggests, serves authentic Thai and Chinese fare in the heart of Umm Hurair. Serving dinner until midnight, it's the perfect place to wrap up a night of traipsing around old Dubai. Lunchtime busy bees can pop in for a 119 dirham Asian feast from noon to 3PM. Thai Chi's menu boasts national favorites from succulent BBQ beef ribs to sinfully crispy soft shell crab. recommends: Som tam salad, gai satay, and Thai mango sticky rice.

    Good to know: Holders of the Wafi Rewards Card score a 20% discount at Thai Chi.

  • Thai Kitchen's culinary crew knows the cuisine like they've grown up eating it. That's because they have! The jewel in Thai Kitchen's crown is its supremely talented team of native chefs. The bustling restaurant strives to invoke the exhilarating ambiance of a buzzing Thai street food market. With steam pumping out of its kitchen and luscious aromas floating around, it's a sensory paradise. recommends: Pad thai, hot and sour sea bass, and the assorted dessert platter.
    Good to know: Want to cook Thai food like a native? Sign up for Thai Kitchen's masterclass.

  • Tong Thai takes guests on a mouthwatering journey from Thailand's street food to its decadent ceremonial recipes. Serving exquisite food alongside impeccable service, it's no surprise this restaurant's hall of fame is stacked to the ceiling with accolades. In addition to its regular menu, Tong Thai gives curious foodies a glimpse into regional flavors with three special menus. recommends: Panang kung, nua phad prik gaeng, and tum kim krob.
    Good to know: Unlock Tong Thai's sunset specials menu at happy hour from 6PM to 8PM.


  • Swap a flight to the Far East with a taxi to Palm Jumeirah. Mekong is all bells and whistles with its ambiance and décor, teleporting guests to Asia with its hand-crafted wooden tables, tuktuk-shaped seats and lantern-padded ceiling. Sizzling up the essence of Thailand, China, and Vietnam over a roaring flame – Mekong serves up vibrant food that will bring you to your knees. recommends: Mekong sharing platter, shrimp green curry, and the Mekong mist.
    Good to know: Mekong hosts a fun three-course couple's cooking class for 650 dirhams each.

  • Dubai's go-to Thai soul food spot, Little Bangkok has carved an unforgettable name for itself in the local food scene. Constantly expanding and innovating, there's always something new waiting to be tried here. While its entire menu is undoubtedly delicious - it has proudly perfected its recipe for pad thai, its famous papaya salad, and dim sum. recommends: Famous papaya salad, steamed duck dumplings, and kata ron duck.
    Good to know: Little Bangkok recently added a handful of vegan dishes to its menu.

  • Having won multiple awards, Pai Thai is a bucket list destination for Thai enthusiasts. Leaving no detail unperfected, an enchanting evening at Pai Thai commences with a traditional boat ride to the restaurant. Here, the swish ambiance and sensuous flavors take over, leaving guests seeing stars. From What's On to Trip Advisor, it's applause all around for Pai Thai. recommends: Crispy beef with coriander, river shrimp red curry, and chicken satay.
    Good to know: Pai Thai hosts a lunch menu, Feast of Xahar, for 195 dirhams per person.

  • A magical experience, from the moment you step in to your last bite of dessert, Thiptara does its name proper justice. Translating to “magic on the water” in Thai, the restaurant overlooks the glittering waters of Souk Al Bahar. Glowing amidst candlelight, guests are promised dinner and a show with the famous dancing fountains punctuating every delicious meal. recommends: Duck curry, nuer phad, and the crème brulee infused with Thai tea.
    Good to know: Thiptara does a family sharing menu for 375 dirhams or 420 dirhams each.

  • Amidst Dubai's slick and swish Thai restaurants, Wise Kwai reveals another side of Thailand. The side that gap year backpackers and digital nomads love. Combining bright colors, retro vibes, and ear to ear smiles into a nostalgic cocktail – Wise Kwai is an authentic little gem nestled in Barsha Heights. This eatery walks the talk too, boasting a menu packed with fun and fresh dishes. recommends: Por pia, scene of Wise Kwai, and the homemade coconut ice cream.
    Good to know:  Wise Kwai serves up a scrummy value lunch for 45 dirhams.

  • Thai food is known for a lot of things, but healthy isn't usually it. Rhong Tiam is a wholesome Thai eatery, offering a range of gluten-free and wholesome options. Rarely bustling and always lambent, this restaurant is the perfect spot for an intimate dinner date. Rhong Tiam is an ideal balance between casual and chic, and is an experience tailored by Michelin Star chef Andy Yan. recommends: Shrimp cakes, tamarind red snapper, and sweet and sour chicken.
    Good to know: Order on Deliveroo and get 10% of your meal's value back in credit.

  • Dine like royalty at Benjarong – literally. Preparing resplendent Thai cuisine, this restaurant serves food fit for a king. The award-winning culinary crew draws inspiration from ancient Thai recipes, enchanting its guest's palate while they feast their eyes on Dubai's shimmering skyline. Designed to resemble King Rama IV's dining hall, Benjarong is truly a regal experience. recommends: Khong wang ruammit Benjarong, gaeng phed phed yang, and the goong mungkorn Benjarong.
    Good to know: Benjarong's live entertainment features classically trained Thai musicians.

  • The ever-humble Cafe Isan looks like it's been plucked right off the buzzing streets of Thailand. Its ambiance is as warm and welcoming as the fragrant aromas that dance in the air. The compact eatery is scattered with luscious plants, napping street cats, and shabby-chic furniture. Make yourself right at home while waiting for your food by toying around with its board games. recommends: The Colonel's beef noodle soup, khao pad, and nam keng sai.
    Good to know: Furry friends are welcome in Cafe Isan's outdoor lounge.

  • This cheap and cheerful Thai eatery, known for its signature fuchsia aesthetic, serves up authentic soul food whipped up from scratch. Hearty meals served with a sense of humor, Fuchsia radiates some enviable offbeat vibes. The restaurant is perfect for everything from a wallet-friendly family dinner to a mid-week carb treat for one. Its vibrant dishes, quirky interiors, and groovy menu will leave you wanting to Instagram every single moment you spend there. recommends: Corn fritters, Thai burger, and the khao sol with chicken.
    Good to know: Fuchsia has an awesome range of gluten-free and vegan on request options.