Long Teng


From food to feng shui, fish has historically played a significant role in China. Live seafood is a cornerstone of its culinary culture and Long Teng graciously tips its hat to this ancient tradition. Characterized by fresh ingredients, seafood doesn't get any fresher than at this restaurant.

Table bookings can be made at 04 241 1666.

Long Teng has valet parking on the main road in front of the restaurant. Self-parking is also an option but it's painfully inconvenient and is a guaranteed way to be late for your booking.

Greeting and seating
Greeted and escorted to our table on the top floor in an elevator, we were instantly poured water (without having to order it) and sorted out with menus and moist towelettes.

Knowledge and service of the waiter
The service at Long Teng is a masterpiece. Chinese, and broadly, Asian hospitality is renowned around the globe. We were served by various individuals throughout the evening and it was a seamless experience. The smallest spill on a saucer warranted a replacement, our glasses were constantly refilled despite the bottle not sitting at our table and the food was served in a flash. 

Our order
Our three-course dinner was a spread of prawn and chive dumplings, a cold platter of quail eggs, walnuts and Chinese dates, hamour from the aquarium, braised tofu with vegetables, baked egg tarts, steamed Chinese date cake and jasmine green tea.

Known for its dim sum and live seafood, these were two things we weren't leaving without trying.

We kicked off with a basket of freshly steamed prawn and chive dumplings. Boasting a delicious texture and fresh fillings, we were surprised it wasn't served with soy sauce on the side.

Next up was a platter of quail eggs, candied walnuts and Chinese dates. The perfect amuse bouche before a three-course dinner, it was scrumptious. The candied walnuts were an addictive combination of sweet and savory, the quail eggs were prepared to perfection and served in a shallow pool of soy sauce and chili oil and the Chinese dates were scandalously on par with local dates. Paired with pickled slices of chili, a festival of wild flavors unfurled on our tastebuds.

Choosing from a live selection of crab, lobster, sea snail and fish – we opted for the live hammour. The restaurant prides itself in its fresh and organic produce and it doesn't get any fresher than dinner reeled in from a bubbling tank four feet away from your table. Dismantled, steamed and dressed in a zesty sauce with Chinese vegetables – the dish sailed over beaming with drama. The fish was like butter, melting off our forks, and the vegetables followed in its footsteps.

The best way to enjoy this dish is to alternate between a crunch of wood ear mushroom, a slurp of soupy bok choi and a final mouthful of tender hammour. And whatever you do, try not to make eye contact with the severed fish head sitting front and center on your plate. Complementing the hammour, we ordered a side of braised tofu which paled in comparison to the star dish.

To tickle our sweet tooth before dessert, we were served fresh fruit. An age-old symbol of Chinese hospitality and just what we needed before an indulgent finale. The baked egg tart and steamed date cake were divine and boasted a shared subtleness of flavor. Sipped with piping hot Jasmine tea, if there's anything Long Teng has left us with, it's an appreciation for Chinese dates.

Courtesy extended during the meal
A surprising change from Dubai's typical dining scene, there isn't an obvious service hierarchy at Long Teng. A maitress d' complete with earpiece and walkie talkie swanned past our table after our main course. Spotting her, we expected a server to follow her to our table and clear it up. Instead, she tucked her walkie talkie into her pocket and refreshed our table herself.

Spanning five floors, Long Teng is a gleaming tribute to Cantonese culture. The elegantly minimalist space is modern yet familiar with classic touches of Chinese florals and foliage.

The restaurant doesn't play any music, and as a consequence, lacks atmosphere.

Our three-course dinner for two amounted to a 365 dirham bill.

Overall, would you return?
I wouldn't personally rush back. I'm more of a bao and bubble boba tea kind of person.

Chef's recommendations
Live seafood, dim sum, steamed prawn with red rice cheung feung and the Chinese tea.