Best Pancakes

  • A hidden Filipino gem, Pancake House does heaps more than just pancakes. Tuck into homestyle stacks loaded with everything from bananas and blueberries to caramel and chocolate. For that one savory friend in a sweet-toothed squad, check out the dizzyingly delicious cheese pancakes. recommends: Caramel, banana and walnut pancakes.

    Good to know: Pancake House also serves up banging midday snacks and Filipino fare.

  • One of Mirdif's more millennial-friendly eateries, Status Kitchen dishes out flaming hot food trends like pizza burgers, knafeh shrimps and remixed milk cakes. One of its most popular dishes is its sinfully indulgent Nutella pancakes. Soft as a pillow on the outside and lusciously creamy on the inside, this devilish dish is the quickest way to land yourself in a food coma. recommends: Nutella pancakes.

    Good to know: Seating is limited and takeaway is ideal.

  • One of Dubai's most popular breakfast nooks, Cocoa Room packs a punch with its loaded pancakes. Dishing out picture-perfect stacks, its dishes are too pretty to eat (don't let that stop you, though). With its own section on the menu, Cocoa Room serves up classics like buttermilk and banana nut pancakes and modish superstars like Lotus and Oreo pancakes. recommends: Lotus Dreams Pancakes.

    Good to know: Cocoa Room turns into Slider Station at 11.30 AM so get there early!

  • The only thing more popular than Denny's pancakes is its hilariously random Twitter account. Wake up and smell the pancakes at this all-guns-blazing American diner. Featuring sweet and savory options, upgrade your pancakes with bacon on the side. If you're after those precious fitness gains - treat yourself to a whopping plate of classic buttermilk pancakes with eggs, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns and toast on the side. recommends: Banana pecan pancakes.

    Good to know: Always prepared for sudden pancake cravings, Denny's is open 24/7.

  • Emanating neighborhood park vibes – Parker’s started off as a humble pop-up concept. Putting its personal spin on childhood classics - expect generous smatterings of cheese, chocolate and chips. Parker’s pancakes are proudly American and come in three versions – berry, Nutella and banoffee. The winning pancake pick is a tie between Nutella and banoffee. recommends: Nutella and banoffee pancakes.

    Good to know: Parker’s serves brekkie from 9AM to 1PM exclusively at The Beach House in La Mer.

  • A beacon of Australian comfort food, The Coffee Club steals the spotlight from this list's quintessential American pancakes. Leaving unnatural flavors at the door, The Coffee Club's pancakes are loaded with fresh fruit and best when paired with a specialty brew. recommends: Mixed Berry Pancakes with Nutella.

    Good to know: The Coffee Club also dishes out cracking French toast.

  • Another Australian gem, Jones the Grocer has spread the breakfast vibes to New Zealand, Asia and the GCC. Renowned for its feel-good flavors and superior ingredients, the perfect weekend morning involves demolishing a stack of pancakes with your family. recommends: Coconut flour pancakes.

    Good to know: Jones the Grocer recently launched a new vegetarian breakfast menu.

  • Home of one of Dubai's best milk cakes, Gossip Cafe's runner-up claim to fame is its pancakes. Traditional Middle Eastern flavors meet contemporary European techniques under its roof. Its dishes are proudly all-natural and incredibly photogenic. Whether it's your cheat day or you've just started a new fitness routine, Gossip Cafe has something for everyone. recommends: Black and white pancakes.

    Good to know: Sample local breakfast culture with traditional chebabs (Emirati pancakes).

  • Things are not what they seem at the Sugar Factory. Buckets of fun for little ones, this American brasserie serves up a rainbow on a plate. Bringing love from Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and Miami – Dubai is the latest pin its map. From red and purple sliders to a pancake stack disguised as a Fanta can, the mystery is part of the fun at Sugar Factory. recommends: Oreo, Oreo, Oreo.

    Good to know: The Sugar Factory has dishes specially designed to make your Instagram pop.

  • Few cultures do breakfast better than the Italians. Renowned for smothering everything in rich chocolate, this Italian food emporium is breakfast goals. The gloriously fresh Nutella crepe will make your heart skip a beat especially when complemented with an espresso. recommends: Nutella crepe.

    Good to know: Eataly's dishes boast premium organic eggs.

  • Whipping out adorable little hotcakes, Holland House is widely loved for its fresh bakes and tiny forks. Smothered in Nutella, these warm pancakes are best enjoyed during a beach stroll. recommends: Nutella pancakes.

    Good to know: Holland House also serves wicked waffles, smoothies and milkshakes.

  • America's gift to the global breakfast scene, pancakes are to IHOP what eggs are to bacon. Launched in the 8os, the award-winning diner has mastered its recipe for buttermilk pancakes over the years. Featuring endless options test the waters with a sampler stack or cannonball into breakfast with a tall order of flavored pancakes. Take your meal to the next level with anything from a scoop of ice cream and luscious toppings to coffee and eggs on the side. recommends: Double blueberry pancakes.

    Good to know: Score a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage and hashbrowns for just AED 47.

  • A member of the Tom and Serg family, The Sum of Us' breakfast game is undoubtedly on point. If your vote always goes to pancakes amidst a sea of fried eggs on toast and smoothie bowls, settle down for the ricotta pancakes. This gorgeous stack comes with bells and whistles – blueberry cream, peaches, a pistachio crumb and the obligatory drizzle of maple syrup. recommends: Ricotta pancakes.

    Good to know: Complement your brekkie with Encounter's artisanal coffee.



  • Loved for its organic fare, this timeless New York eatery has rapidly set Dubai's brunch scene on fire. Originally launched by a husband and wife duo, Clinton Street's baked wonders rose to fame after being sold in small hand-mixed batches. Boasting varied options for the sweet-toothed pancake lover, score some savory points by topping off your stack with Clinton Street's award-winning buttermilk fried chicken. This eatery is a rite of passage for die hard pancake fans. recommends: Chocolate chunk pancakes.

    Good to know: Keep your eyes peeled for Clinton Street regular limited-edition pancakes.