Tresind Studio

Tresind Studio

Billing itself as ‘The World’s Most Exclusive Modern Indian Dining Experience,’ Tresind Studio is an intimate restaurant, suitable for an anniversary or special celebratory evening. Vegetarians will delight in an upscale menu for them, as all guests are welcome. In their own words, ‘with such a small capacity, exclusivity is at the heart of Trèsind Studio, perfectly in sync with unmatched service, fulfilled by butlers of the highest standards, offering the finest of Indian hospitality.’ After our visit, we couldn’t agree more.

With limited seating in the restaurant, to avoid any disappointment, do plan on using the online booking form in advance of your meal to make a reservation.

Given how busy Sheikh Zayed Road is, we find it’s best to be dropped off at voco hotel, or use the valet. Given we’re going to try some of award-winning bartender’s Sherine John’s cocktails, we use a ride-sharing lift and are dropped off at the door.

Greeting and Seating
For those who haven’t visited previously, Tresind Studio is located in the rear left section of Tresind, the larger restaurant (the two venues are connected, and share a lounge area). We’re warmly greeted at reception, and asked if we would first like to enjoy a drink at the bar. We would. When we’re ready to say goodbye to the always friendly bar staff, we’re escorted to our table inside the restaurant. As there is no smoking allowed inside the Studio, guests who do need to ‘stretch their lungs’ can always pop outside to the lounge area during the meal.

Impeccable! Tresind Studio refers to their servers as butlers, and they are dressed and trained differently than the service staff in the main Tresind restaurant. We’re impressed throughout the evening as our glasses are promptly refilled, plates are removed, and dishes are placed on the table with such synchronicity that we’re witness to a lovely orchestrated event. Other restaurants in Dubai could learn a thing or two.

Our Order
While there is a vegetarian tasting menu option available, my dining guest and I decide to both go for the protein option (although we are snuck a few extra courses from the veg menu as well). For anyone who has not been to Tresind or Tresind Studio, the evening always starts out with a bit of magic -- that is, a flowing amount of fragranced smoke to set the tone. Following a trend in fine dining, we start the memorable meal with small snacks, before moving to a soup course and then the mains, finishing with a number of desserts and petit fours.

Lest you are worried about so many courses, remember the team has planned a well-balanced meal. Starting with delicate snacks -- just one bite -- the menu moves on to more substantial portions. Of the hors d'oeuvre, our favorite is the morel sandwich, but our absolute favorite dish of the evening is the soup course, not only for its taste, but also its presentation (I’m not going to give anything away here, except, your inner child will be happy, and your taste buds will be delighted). As we move through the menu, we’re glad to see that some of our favorite familiar dishes (the steak curry, along with the show stopper khichdi) and some new items in Chapter 2.

By the time we get to the many dessert courses, my camera is almost out of battery, and we’re completely full of delicious food.

Our only note -- and we’ve said this from our first visit -- we would love to see a wine pairing option available at Tresind Studio. Such an amazing meal calls for an equally matched pairing, and we’d love to see an inclusion from Sherine John (and team) creative assortment of cocktails, or wines from unknown regions. We hope this plan is in the works, as we would love to see Tresind Studio join the ranks of a genuinely global worthy destination.

Other restaurants should look to Tresind Studio for how to approach a meal. Pacing and timing are a highlight. While the meal does take a bit longer than others in the city, we love a night of fine dining and are more than happy with the experience.

White tablecloths, an open kitchen, and a somewhat distracting soundtrack make for a bit of a unique evening. We comment on the atypical music selections and recommend something more in line with the caliber of the food. Otherwise, the dining room can be configured into several different arrangements, such that nearly any size party can be accommodated for. If you’re looking for a romantic evening, the two-tops near the window are your best bet.

The price of a non-veg tasting menu is AED350++, which we find entirely reasonable.

Overall, would you return?
Anytime! Chef Himanshu Saini and his team are always cooking up (pun intended) something unique. This is the kind of meal that’s difficult to find in Dubai, and impossible to replicate.

Even if you’ve never thought yourself a person who enjoyed a tasting menu, we believe Tresind Studio is the perfect place to start. The team is approachable, the meal is impressive, and the price point is very fair.

Disclaimer: was a guest of this establishment.