Dubai’s top gourmet pizzerias

  • Blu Pizzeria serves Sourdough Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza. It is located in Umm Suqeim harbor and it's on the waterfront, close to the Burj Al Arab. Though the menu is limited, it has never failed to impress its loved ones with its amazing taste and some unique options. recommends: Short Ribs Pizza

    Good to know: This place only serves Pizza.

  • All they have is a family run restaurant managed by people who have grown up in the business in Naples who have developed their expertise to a level of excellence. Dining at the restaurant is indeed a family experience. Pulcinella is all about sharing original Italian pizza, hand-made in the traditional Italian way recommend: Ciociara Pizza and Sorrento Pizza

    Good to know: Pulcinella is named after Pulcinella, a character from the 17th century Italian commedia dell'arte that is also widely accepted as the symbol of Naples.

  • Enter The Artisan, a stunning restaurant located in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria DIFC, igniting a spark of Italian inspiration and passion for heartfelt service in the modern metropolis of Dubai. recommends: Salame Piccante

    Good to know: The restaurant makes all its pasta fresh and also pizzas are fermented for 72 hours, and dressed in a smattering of delectable ingredients to perfection.

  • Using the finest ingredients, Scalini’s menu captures the essence and splendour of Italian cuisine. Designed to be shared between friends and family, each dish portrays the beauty and bounty of Italy. recommends: Pizza Al Tartufo

    Good to know: Scalini is one of the best 50 restaurants in The Gulf

  • Motorino is the world-famous New York pizzeria that is ‘stalked by fame’ and renowned as ‘The Best Pizza in New York’.

    Loved by celebrities, foodies and savvy locals, the iconic Award-winning urban venue. recommends: Marinara Pizza and Meatball Pizza

  • Dubai brings the history and tradition of true Neapolitan pizza to the most modern and smartest city in the world, offering the "classic" Margherita and Marinara from the parent company of Naples and other pizzas of the Neapolitan tradition, such as the Cosacca, the Napoletana (with anchovies), the fried filling and the baked filling.Every month it will then be possible to try a special pizza in rotation. recommends: Pizza Marinara, Pizza Margherita.

    Good to know: The Da Michele brand is known internationally for the refinement and fidelity to the tradition with which it approaches the noble art of pizza.

  • One of the few Italian restaurants in Dubai with an extensive veggie pizza menu, take your pick from nine plant-powered pies. Meat lovers can dive into a selection of 13 pizzas - featuring turkey ham, grilled chicken strips, beef salami, beef bresaola, seafood, and pepperoni. For a fiery kick that's hotter than Dubai's summer, brave Red Tomato's spicy pizzas! recommends: Ortona pizza, Alla Carne Mista pizza, Mare pizza.

    Good to know: Who says there's no room for dessert at a pizza party? Red Tomato does a Nutella and pine nut pizza!

  • We all have that friend that can't decide whether they want a thin or thick crust, pineapple on their half of the pizza, and if they're on board with anchovies. Save the passive aggression for Monopoly and build your own pizza at your next game night. Choose from existing pizza combos or customize one with unlimited toppings. You can go old school with cheese, tomato and mushroom or color outside the lines with roasted brussel sprouts and cilantro. recommends: Roasted brussel sprouts and turkey pizza.

    Good to know: You can forget about sauce from a jar and caramelized onions from a bag. Project Pie whizzes up its sauce, roasts its garlic and sprouts, and caramelizes its onions in-house.

  • Think Freedom Pizza - think multigrain, organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. This trailblazing pizzeria is winning hearts and dinner-table real estate with its values and cracking-good pizza. Working on more than just pizza, its sustainable initiatives and road safety campaign deserve a shout out too. Creative combos, cauliflower crust, vegan options – there's so much to love! recommends: Viva Las Vegans pizza, Beetnik pizza, Nacho Libre pizza.

    Good to know: Power up with a snack-sized pizza for under 30 dirhams.

  • Jamie Oliver's healthy eating campaign makes his pizzeria a no-brainer for pizza night with the kids. Choose from pizzas topped with chicken, seafood, beef, and greens – get your little ones' five-a-day in with minimal fuss. Stick to your midweek meal plan with a thin crust or indulge with a deep-pan pie, both are made with a special wholegrain dough. You can bet your meal is packed with healthy, sustainable, and mindfully chosen ingredients at Jamie's Pizzeria. recommends: Jamie's Super Green pizza, Chicken Chill Freak pizza.

    Good to know: Complement your pizza with a range of zesty dips.

  • An homage to rich Italian produce and preserves, Eataly is an Italian food market and dining hall. Refuel during your mall crawl with high-grade pizza, topped with popular and rare Italian ingredients. Going above and beyond a “mall pizza”, Eataly's pies are made with stone-ground Italian flour, plump Sardinian tomatoes, imported mozzarella, and naturally leavened dough. Choose from up to 20 signature pizzas – featuring traditional and artisanal recipes. recommends: Burrata and black truffle pizza, burrata and eggplant pizza.

    Good to know: Pizza is best when shared – order the La Gran pizza for a family feast.

  • Each bite of Il Borro's pizza is influenced by a thousand years of rich Tuscan history. In classic Mediterranean fashion, Il Borro's menu is woven with seasonal produce, organic ingredients, and timeless recipes. Choose from six soulful pizzas and complement them with a range of organic wines or barrel-aged cocktails. This Italian bistro is an enchanting shortcut to rural Italy. recommends: Pizza al tartufo, bufala pizza, breasola di chianina pizza.

    Good to know: Make some memories over an Italian feast with a private dinner at Il Borro.

  • The ambiance at Pitfire Pizza is something special – a scenic lake view, the aroma of baking bread in the air, and the warm glow of a roaring fire. Its pizzas are topped with handpicked organic and local ingredients, and served on a “New York meets Neapolitan” crust. Roll in for an explosion of world class flavors – Emirati mozzarella, sweet Italian fennel sausage, and New York-style dough. recommends: Spicy salami primo pizza, Hell's Kitchen pizza, Bill's Special pizza.

    Good to know: Mix things up with Pitfire's half-and-half option.

  • This award-winning pizzeria is a tribute to the founder's grandmother, Luigia. Round up your friends and family for pizza and wine at this quintessential restaurant. Ditch the cake and mark your special occasion with an OTT pizza at Luigia. Its pizzas are elevated with premium toppings like caviar, truffle, and Grana Padano waffles. Luigia's vibrant dishes and theatrical décor accents teleport guests to the past, adding the perfect backdrop to their memories. recommends: Zarina pizza, Luigia pizza, Santa Lucia pizza.

    Good to know: Luigia's olive oil is cold-pressed in the sunny regions of Liguria and Calabria.

  • Pizza Express launched in 1960s London to transform the UK's pizza scene. Its founder, Peter Boizot, decided that the capital's pizzas were far from authentic after returning from Italy. While “authentic” pizzas, today, mean ingredients sourced from small Italian farms and an Italian chef working the kitchen, an “authentic” pizza in 60s London meant shipping in a special oven and tearing down a wall to make room for it! Choose from a laundry list of classic pizzas, Romana pizzas, Leggera pizzas, and specialty pizzas at Pizza Express. recommends: Calabrese pizza, Sujuk Reale pizza, American Hottest pizza.

    Good to know: A meal at Pizza Express is incomplete without its legendary dough balls.

  • If there's anywhere that is as famous as Italy for pizza, it's America. An American brand infused with Italian values, 800 Degrees dishes up fresh-out-the-oven goodness. Perfect for Dubai's cosmopolitan peeps, its menu is home to classic pies and modern ones too. When the quattro formaggi doesn't tickle your fancy, call for a paneer tikka pizza instead. If you prefer being the pilot of your own pizza, customize one with its 60+ ingredient options. recommends: Sausage and peppers pizza, chicken tikka pizza, carni pizza.

    Good to know: All 800 Degree pizzas are baked in a roaring almond-wood oven.

  • If a pizza is unique, the credit tends to go to its crust or ingredients. Rossovivo's charm lies in its oven. Jumping through countless hoops to bring its famed forno tradizionale Napoletano to Dubai, all its pizzas are brought to life amidst handmade clay bricks from Campania. Rossovivo's soulful pizza dough is left to rest for 12 hours before hitting the oven, with every step of the procedure signed off by its award-winning chef from Naples. Choose from 22 varieties of gourmet pizza! recommends: Agrumi pizza, Raffaello pizza, Napoli pizza.

    Good to know: Rossovivo fans can now order online at

  • Pinza goes the extra mile with its pies, boasting a 30-hour fermented base, artisanal cured meats sourced from Italy, and GMO-free veggies. While it typically takes around 75 minutes to make a pizza from scratch, Pinza's pizzas are left to mature over 24 to 30 hours before sliding them into the oven. A new desk lunch fave, Pinza won't leave you dozing after your lunch break. Its health-forward pizzas are built to be light on the lips and stomach. recommends: Truffle Goodness pizza , Urthie pizza, Mantouri pizza.

    Good to know: Customize your own pizza online, name it, and see if it becomes a crowd fave!

  • Steaming slices of pizza, a Japanese wood-fired oven, neon lights in an izakaya-style setting. This isn't a movie set, it's Akiba Dori in Dubai Design District. Arguably the only place that serves Tokyopolitan pizzas in Dubai, this place is best described as Blade Runner meets backstreet Japan. Akiba Dori's pizzas are made with Japanese flour and salt, Italian toppings, and blazed for under 60 seconds. This “hidden gem” is tucked in plain sight – roll in for a game-changing slice. recommends: The Bismarck pizza, Kabucha pizza, Dolce Luna pizza.

    Good to know: If you like surprises, order the Pizza of The Month and cross your fingers.

  • Sumptuously inspired by a Roman trattoria, Florentine steakhouse, and Neapolitan pizzeria – Basta is a sensuous affair with Italian culture. Choose from 10 traditional wood-fired pizzas, laced with premium ingredients. Think heirloom tomatoes, tender veal meatballs, earthy wild mushrooms, and bold hints of truffle. Toting a glass of vino, stroll through its vast selection of fresh pizzas, kneaded from scratch and masterfully baked in-house. recommends: Ricotta, black truffle, and farm egg pizza.

    Good to know: For a  taste tour of Basta's menu, opt for the “Basta Experience”.
    An immersive five-course menu for a minimum of two guests, 160 dirhams per person.