Dubai’s trendiest top 14 private dining rooms

  • Armani Hashi is where you go to eat with your eyes. The Japanese restaurant boasts an ideal location in the world's tallest tower, with the perfect view of the Dubai Fountains. The menu is designed to distance the diner from their comfort zone and convince them try something different. The restaurant is always buzzing with diners and a gentle hum of clinking glasses, enthusiastic chatter, and satisfied chewing floating in the air. Leave your Instagram filters at home – the restaurant's striking monochrome interiors pair up with its vibrant food deliciously. recommends: The tako kari kari tempur and ogura aisu.

    Good to know: Armani Hashi offers a tasting menu ranging from 450 dirhams to 850 dirhams.

  • When the conversation's about the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, Mint Leaf of London makes the list. The restaurant perfectly incorporates the zest of Indian cuisine into its food. Headed by a world-class chef, the dishes served at this restaurant will satisfy both your Instagram and tastebuds. Sink your teeth into a delicious spread of traditional and modern Indian food while gazing over the glittering city from Mint Leaf of London's commanding 15th floor view. If you'd rather have drinks for dinner, head over to the lounge and plunge into its unique cocktails. recommends: The paneer ladoos, crispy duck hoisin salan, and a ras malai shot.

    Good to know: It hosts a retro brunch on Saturdays for 320 dirhams with premium drinks.

  • This is the perfect place to unwind after an epic surf (or just building sand castles) at Jumeirah Beach. Its hardwood floors and even harder coffee wakes you up on a lazy weekend morning. The Hamptons Café serves up a menu stuffed with its chef's original award-winning recipes. Fun fact about this restaurant: It was launched after its founder decided to spread his love of confectionary and coffee to the neighborhood. Sink your teeth into The Hamptons Café's array of freshly baked delicacies, warm and unbeatable fluffy eggs, and assortment of homemade chutneys and jams. recommends: The pulled duck crostini and rose croissant.

    Good to know: The Hampton café's private dining room is located on the ground floor for elderly guests who might struggle with stairs. The room is spacious and bathed in natural light.

  • This modern Asian restaurant offers a multilayered experience with its choice of three dining areas -  live Teppanyaki room, main dining area with a sushi bar and an intimate Tatami room. Whether you're craving freshly cut sashimi or a hearty Bento Box, Miyako has it all. This restaurant tops many a list of recommended local restaurants in the sushi category. Known for dishing out authentic Japanese cuisine, everything on its menu is best taken with an invigorating side of sake or shochu. If you're on the run and only have the time for a quick bowl of something Asian, head over to Miyako for a mouthful of soupy noodles or rice for 50 dirhams onwards. recommends: Deep fried eggplant in miso paste and anything off the hotpot menu.

    Good to know: Miyako offers a special daily afternoon menu from 3PM to 6:30PM.

  • Namu is where Japanese and Korean culture comes together and make scrumptious food babies. Translated, Namu is the Korean word for "wood". This is a reflection of the restaurant's authentic cooking methods to bring out the best in Japanese and Korean flavor. The things this restaurant can do to classic miso and mirin are a thing of wonder. The dining concept at this restaurant is all about sharing your food and centering the conversation around how delicious it tastes. recommends: The Namu bibimbap, drunken shrimps, and Korean KFC.

    Good to know: It hosts Seoul Food Sundays for 295 dirhams with beer and wine.

  • Zuma is all about bringing your friends and family along. The restaurant follows the traditional Japanese izakaya style of dining, which means everything on your table is designed to share. This restaurant has won one award after another since it opened its door. It's internationally known for its stunning menu and striking flavors. Its menu can appeal to the fussiest of tastes, including those on a liquid diet with its appealing sake bar and cocktail lounge. recommends: The unagi bo sushi, suzuki no osashimi, and green tea banana cake.

    Good to know:
    Zuma is on everyone's list in Dubai, so advance booking is highly recommended.


  • Forget everything your mother taught you about manners at Claw BBQ. This is every messy foodie's personal paradise with its paper tablecloths and buttery crab buckets. There's always a distinct air of enthusiasm floating around in the eatery. Set your alarm for 8:30 PM sharp because that's when Claw BBQ's legendary shot-o-clock strikes. If seafood has never been your thing, the menu's rammed with barbecued meats, crazy cocktails, and loaded burgers to take your mind off it. Although if seafood is totally your thing, you're certainly in for a treat! recommends: The drunken mussels served in a mischevious beer broth.

    Good to know:
    To book Claw BBQ's “Barn Room” for a large gathering, each guest is required to spend a minimum of 300 dirhams off the food and drink's menu.

  • Wakame's legendary sushi and dim sum stations will save you a trip to Far East Asia. The food here is tailored to excite all five of your senses, from taste to tactility and smell to sound. Wakame's head chef doesn't believe in the classic "less in more" philosophy. He's all about making a big impression with even bigger flavors. With the restaurant's ever-evolving menu, you'll find him experimenting with unusual combinations and tempting transformations. recommends: The hamachi tartare and yuzu miso black cod.

    Good to know: Wakame hosts a three-course business lunch for 125 dirhams on week days.

  • Headed by celebrity chef, Richard Sandoval, this restaurant is the perfect foray into Latin American dining. Toro Toro's dining area and lounge spans across two impressive floors, cloaked in regal tones. The restaurant creates a sexy ambiance which instantly makes you feel like a hot-blooded human. Toro Toro's menu is designed to help you dive off the edge of everything you know and into a new world of exotic Latin American flavor. Complement your dinner with a cocktail off the Cachaça -  a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice, incredibly popular in Brazil. recommends: The smoked guacamole and lamb shank in Peruvian chili.

    Good to know: Every Friday, it hosts the Hola Hola brunch which features delectable pan-Latin favorites combined with select signature house beverages for 500 dirhams a pop.

  • With staff that are cooler than an ice cube and a killer Jamaican menu, Miss Lily's is setting Dubai's culinary scene on fire. Adding a touch of the Caribbean to Dubai's already established beach vibe, this restaurant creates indelible memories with its bold Jerk recipes and rum-soaked cocktails. With bursts of vibrance in every direction you turn your head, Miss Lily's is all about bringing alive everyone's inner party animal. Bring your personality along, and you're set to have a blast! recommends: Anything with “jerk” in its name, the West Indian curry vegetable noodles, the Night Nurse cocktail with a fiery dash of extra paprika, and the Baked Jamaica.

    Good to know: Make sure you book well in advance if you want to nab a table here.

  • Charmingly French, this restaurant made its debut a decade ago on the turn of a glittering fashion avenue in Paris. La Cantine Du Faubourg's founder describes it as more of an artistic space to rendezvous with your friends while sipping wine and making memories. The space flaunts an offbeat ambiance with its quirky wall art and progressive music. Its menu speaks seafood more fluently than it does French, so if that's what gets your tastebuds throbbing, put this restaurant on your list. Ideal for dates, setting foot here will immediately turn up the romance. recommends:
    The lobster carpaccio and beef tartare au couteau.

    Good to know:
    Art enthusiasts will be pleased to know that La Cantine Du Faubourg will be showcasing the eclectic works of Ali Chaaban throughout the first season of 2017.

  • This is where imagination meets ingenuity in the form of food. A sequel to the locally renowned Tresind, Carnival by Tresind is where guests go to be nothing but wowed. The Indian menu combines mystical methods of molecular gastronomy to serve up not just a meal; but a show. Feel like your most adult self by sipping on a bubbling cocktail while the nostalgic food takes you back to your childhood. Nothing short of a visual masterpiece, this restaurant is bucket list material. recommends:
    The mystery meat main course and a ciroc martini on the side.

    Good to know: The restaurant hosts a post-modern executive lunch set for 89+ dirhams.

  • It's no surprise that Dubai is a cultural melting pot and Boca is the perfect reflection of that. This restaurant combines the geographically unique flavors of France, Italy, and Spain. If it's your birthday, anniversary, or if you're just looking for a reason to party – head over to Boca. Its Mediterranian sharing concept and menu has won a shelf-full of awards. Boca fuels its diners' appetites with fresh ingredients, original combinations, and uncomplicated flavor. recommends: The 12 hour braised lamb and piquillo pepper grilled squid.

    Good to know: Boca hosts a daily market lunch of three tantalizing dishes for 120 dirhams.

  • Amid Dubai's classic curry houses and the post-modern works of culinary wizards, Vineet Bhatia continues to be the king of progressive Indian cuisine. Ever since he was graced with a Michelin star in 2001, his name has been synonymous with memorable Indian dining. At Indego by Vineet, get the best of both worlds while indulging in traditional Indian flavors whipped up with modern European techniques. Perfect for Dubai's growing third-culture population. recommends: The rogan lamb shank and daulati mawa.

    Good to know:
    It won the 2016 Time Out Dubai restaurant award in the Best Indian Category.