Dubai’s Top 13 Scenic Seaside Restaurants

  • Super chill every day of the week, The Beach House is where you can throw your feet up and wind down. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life, The Beach House is tucked in the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort on Palm Jumeirah. The resort is Thai centric, however, The Beach House serves Mediterranean cuisine and maintains a Mediterranean vibe. Indulge in some of the finer things in life by ordering the saffron-infused seafood broth and the butter poached lobster. recommends: This restaurant is known for its Tiger Prawns.

    Good to know: The Beach House offers shisha and gluten-free dining options.


  • Nikki Beach has been helping people make awesome memories and get hotter than hell tans since 1998. Now, the legendary beach club can be enjoyed in 15 international destinations. Skip the jetlag and head over to your local Nikki Beach, right around the corner in Jumeirah 1. Once you get a taste of the restaurant's sushi pizza, you'll never look at pepperoni and cheese the same way again. It also offers beachside classics like Baja fish tacos and chicken satay. If lounging by the ocean has put you in the mood for seafood, make sure you try the ceviche and tuna tartare. recommends: If you've ever summered in Thailand, get nostalgic with the Koh Samui Spider Roll. If not, hit up either the Ibiza Rainbow Roll or Marbella Shrimp Pil Pil.

    Good to know: Slip into the Nikki Beach vibe, even if you're just chilling by your pool, with the bar's official playlist. Check out Nikki Beach (Sounds of Summer) on iTunes.


  • Lap up the sea breeze and pristine views of Dubai at this sophisticated Italian seaside restaurant. The menu envelopes the very essence of Italian dining, and will tempt you to order every single dish you see. A cut above your classic pizza and pasta, Plaj's food features elegant little bursts of flavor. The menu is designed with both children and adults in mind. The little ones can tuck into the thin-crust pizza that's lighter than air, mom and dad can savor more elaborate dishes with a relaxing glass of bespoke wine on the side. Plaj even offers alternatives for diners who don't have a soft spot for Italian food. They can choose from a tandoori wrap or New York steak sandwich. recommends: The seabass ceviche and squid ink gnocchi.

    Good to know: Plaj's serene ambiance and shareable dishes are perfect for date night.

  • The face behind one of the coolest marketing campaigns in Dubai, Salt has finally ditched its nomadic lifestyle and settled down on the shores of Kite Beach. If you're ever struggling to find the insanely popular food truck, keep your eyes peeled for a queue of people that goes all the way to the moon. Its menu is uncomplicated just like its vibe – burger, fries, milkshake and you've hit a homerun. Beef lovers can sink their teeth into the delectable wagyu burgers. If you play for team chicken, the chicken and Cheeto sandwich will rock your socks off. You can either get your burger to go or plonk down under the food truck's warm twinkle lights, and get nomming. Get into full Dubai kid mode, and opt for the chicken and Cheeto burger paired with the mind-numbingly delicious Lotus milkshake. Boost your sweet tooth with the Lotus softie.

    Good to know: If you're craving Salt but traffic's got you stuck in Abu Dhabi, head over to Al Mushrif in the capital for your fix. If ever in doubt, look up #FindSalt.

  • Barasti is more than just a bar to the people of Dubai. It's a way of life – welcoming massive crowds of drinkers and diners on the weekends. Barasti's floor is covered in everything from sweat after a solid night of intense dancing to body glitter...for the fun of it! Thanks to the loyal expats that make up a large portion of the bar's regular crowd, the name has sailed across international waters all the way to from North America to southern Australia. It's now a world-famous bar. It's won awards and made headlines – Barasti Beach Bar needs to be on everyone's weekend list. recommends: The Buns and Cows menu, with a “Mina Seyahi” cocktail on the side.

    Good to know: Hit happy hour from 5PM to 8PM. Wet your whistle for 27 dirhams a drink!


  • This darling restaurant has nabbed everything from Time Out's Best Seafood Restaurant to BBC Good Food's Best Romantic Restaurant. It's a definite destination for date night, that's obvious. Its menu is inspired by the oceans of the world – with seafood cooked in a variety of exotic ways. Right from the pan-fried Atlantic halibut to the Patagonian toothfish, your palate will be nothing but wowed here. If you'd rather use your mouth to whisper sweet nothings into your date's ear, opt for fuss-free dining with a simple sharing platter or caviar assortment. The best part is the restaurant cares about sustainability and ensures its produce hails from trustworthy sources. recommends: The pan-fried dover sole, a Pierchic classic!

    Good to know: Pierchic hosts a renowned Friday brunch priced at 595 dirhams per guest.


  • When the conversation's about sexy seaside restaurants, the dialogue's incomplete without mentioning Sho Cho. This contemporary Japanese restaurant has won everyone's heart by first winning over their stomachs. Its detailed menu features everything from classic sushi winners to nouveau experimental combinations of old and new flavors. Dining at Sho Cho doesn't revolve purely around the food. It's a culmination of the breezy ambiance, trendy music, and scrumptious food. The chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream takes 20 minutes to whip up, but it sure is worth the wait. If you're an adventurous drinker, make sure you've tried a sip of all the cool cocktails on its menu. Nothing gets you in the beach vibe better than a burst of tropical flavor. recommends: The chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream and tuna tataki.

    Good to know: Happy hour's on throughout the week, with spirits priced at 30 dirhams.

  • Never judge a book by its cover, and Bu Qtair is a classic example. The eatery might look rickety on the outside but it serves up some of the most wholesome seafood in town. The cooks at Bu Qtair don't have time for thrills and frills – they're all about solid flavor. Sacks full of fresh seafood are hauled in from the Arabian sea every morning, tossed in vibrant marinades in the afternoon, and dished out in the evening - piping hot over fresh white rice. While Bu Qtair may not have a sommelier to offer up advice on what wine to pair your fish with – its masala chai will enhance the flavor of whatever's on your plate. We weren't kidding when we said this place doesn't do frills. recommends: Spicy fried shrimp, fish curry, and a mountain of white rice.

    Good to know: Bu Qtair has now moved across the street from its previous location.


  • Soak up panoramic views of the Arabian sea at Beachcombers dining deck. This pan-Asian restaurant brings together the striking flavors of Malaysia and Thailand, with a modern twist. Another addition to your date night list, Beachcombers is known for its romantic ambiance. With a spacious area for kids to run around and jump off things, it's perfect for parents to relax with a glass of bubbles and let the salty ocean air melt away the stresses of the week. It hosts a signature Singapore Crab Festival every Wednesday paired with specially designed drinks. It doesn't end there – the restaurant also hosts Bangkok Street Food Festival on Tuesday and Seafood Night on Thursday. All festivals are priced at 235 dirhams per dinner guest, and includes tea and coffee. recommends: The green mango and salmon and the red bean ice cream.

    Good to know: Beachcombers has received two certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor!

  • Oh yeah – this place has nailed the island vibe! If you're nursing a hangover, this is where to do it. Dive into either the full Greek breakfast or the full Dubai breakfast. To really get yourself on your feet, order a steaming cup of the restaurant's traditionally made Greek coffee. It also does a homemade ice tea. The menu offers Mediterranian classics, including culinary superstars – moussaka and spicy lamb meatballs. For picky little eaters, Eat Greek features a simple kid's menu offering favorites like pasta and tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, and potato chips. recommends: Octopus with eggplant mousse and traditional Greek coffee.

    Good to know: Eat Greek Kouzina's doors are wide open for an early breakfast at 8AM right down to a late dinner at 12AM. Tip for our fellow couch potatoes: It's also available on Deliveroo.


  • Setting foot into Fish Beach Taverna is like stepping into a dream. Everything from its Mediterranian stone-studded floor to its imperfectly molded walls flings you into holiday mode. The restaurant is designed to make its diners feel at home. It's not unusual to spot guests sitting cross-legged with their fingers wrapped around a big cup of tea or huddled around delicious tapas. Fish Beach Taverna's Turkish fishermen and chefs work tirelessly to serve up only the freshest seafood from the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea. The food here can't be faulted – everything from the presentation to the intense flavors is simply flawless. recommends: The octopus in a luscious orange and dill marinade (ahtapot).

    Good to know: There's plenty of al fresco seating, so remember to bring a sweater along.


  • Tent Jumeirah Restaurant teleports its guests to a time when Dubai was a fishing and pearl diving community. Its décor reflects its deeply entrenched roots in the UAE's soil with a fishnet roof, thatched seats, floral embroidered cushions, and a well slapped right in the middle of the restaurant. Its menu offers deliriously nostalgic Emirati cuisine, right from seafood machboos to kameer with cheese and molasses. Get those 90s vibes rolling with an old school glass of Chips Oman and laban. Work off the calories from dinner with a stroll around the massive restaurant, making sure you check out its collection of vintage photographs from the 30s and 60s. recommends: Crunchy cheese regag, fish nasheef with rice, and cardamom karak.

    Good to know:
    Attention both night owls and early birds, the restaurant stays open until 6AM!