Dubai’s top sweetest dessert parlors

  • After six years of slaying the dessert scene in London, L'eto Caffe is now sharing the love with Dubai. The cafe's unique name is inspired by the Russian word for summer. With its signature cakes and delicious brews, the coffee shop and cakery has devoted itself to delivering the timeless warmth of a classic summer's day to its customers – no matter what the weather outside. recommends: Honey cake and pistachio smoothie.

    Good to know: Hit snooze on that damn alarm clock! L'eto serves breakfast all day.


  • Molten Me tips its hat to the inventor of molten chocolate cake, who accidentally stumbled upon the recipe way back in 1980s New York. Initially intended to be a chocolate sponge cake, he pulled it out of the oven before it was done – leaving a firm exterior and sinfully gooey interior. The rest is delicious history! Molten Me brings more than just cake to the table – it also has a scrumptious array of coffees, breakfast dishes, milkshakes, and fresh juices on offer. recommends: Chocolate base with hazelnut and the red velvet base with double milk.

    Good to know: Tailor your dessert with a white chocolate, dark chocolate, or red velvet base.

  • Magnolia Bakery first rose to fame when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City iconically took a bite out of one of its cupcakes. It's been topping dessert charts ever since! While cupcakes are all the rage, the brand is globally renowned for its famous banana pudding. If you can't get enough of its signature sweet treats, you can enroll in a class and master the tricks of the trade. recommends: Magnolia's famous banana pudding and the carrot cake.

    Good to know: You can custom order cakes, puddings, and icebox pies for your next party!

  • Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar first opened its doors in Manhattan in 2002. After spotting a need for a cozy corner to crash at and indulge in handmade chocolate and coffee, the concept was born. Always gleaming with a chic interior, the cafe welcomes anyone seeking a hit of cocoa. Don't be fooled by the name, the cafe also offers a list of savory delights for non-chocoholics. recommends: The Chocolate Bar New York Fondue.

    Good to know: In addition to desserts, it also serves soups, salads, and sandwiches.

  • The clue's in the name – Home Bakery's story home. Hind Al Mulla's home, to be precise. After receiving rave reviews from everyone that tasted her food, she decided to export her talent out of her home kitchen and into a cafe. Snuggled in Jumeirah, the bakery serves up a scrumptious assortment of cakes and bakes. The interiors are designed to instantly hit the relax button and feel like a home away from home – sporting rustic décor and a charming ambiance. recommends: Nutella Milk Cake is heavenly.  The chewy melt cookies are a great coffee/tea accompaniment and great for giveways as they come in various sized boxes.

    Good to know: Most Home Bakery party cakes are priced at 300 dirhams.


  • Yummy In My Tummy is a "drive up and honk" kind of joint. A micro-eatery, it can just about accommodate the servers and cashier. Its menu is loaded with sinfully delicious combinations - influenced by a blend of current trends and timeless classics. From cookies to pancakes and everything in between, Yummy In My Tummy is highly recommend for chocolate lovers. recommends: Lotus Pizzookie (when pizza and cookie join forces).

    Good to know: Incredibly cramped, don't expect to dine in at this dessert parlor.

  • A dessert parlor with nightclub vibes, Freez is the definition of cool. The fantastically unconventional eatery calls Al Quoz its main hood, serving creative fodder. From Lotus sushi crepes to rainbow waffles on a stick, you'll be tempted to devour the entire menu! Keeping its finger on the city's pulse, Freez's carte also features everything from fiery Cheetos x Laban in a mason jar to a crunchy granola concoction for fitness bunnies. Put this place on your bucket list! recommends: Cheese and Chips Oman Pancake and Hot Cheeto Laban.

    Good to know: Perfect for both adults and kids who've got a case of the summer blues.


  • Kulfi is the Indian subcontinent's play on ice cream. Dating all the way back to the Mughal Empire, this historic dessert is denser than traditional ice cream and even takes a longer time to melt than its creamy cousin. It can be prepared in countless variations and is the perfect remedy for a hot summer's day. That's right 45C Dubai afternoons, we're looking at you! Kulfilicious offers several flavor combinations, right from fun and fruity to elaborate and extravagant. recommends: Anything off the Imperial Kitchen kulfi menu.

    Good to know: Kulfis can be pretty filling - so treat dessert like a main course here.

  • This premium dessert brand is renowned for serving up the finer things in life, whether it's a box of chocolates or a simple ice cream cone. Dotted all over the UAE, Godiva's desserts make for priceless Instagram fodder. If you're not a massive fan of chocolate, go light with Godiva's chocolate-dipped berry collection. If you're looking to be swept off your feet, treat yourself to its signature soft-serve ice cream. Fasten your seatbelt because it'll send your tastebuds on a trip! recommends: Godiva's soft-serve ice cream cone and the hot chocolate.

    Good to know: Godiva's chocolate fondue is a rite of passage for a true chocolate lover.


  • Paul's such a national success, it's even been featured on Dubai's official tourism website. Renowned for its signature dessert collection and fresh bakes, this classic eatery is the ideal place to quietly lose yourself in a coffee and an eclair. The boulangerie has been around for more than a century, and its time in the industry is reflected in its effortlessly delicious food. Dive into a wealth of French bites, both sweet and savory, at Paul's charming outlets all across the UAE. recommends: Pain au chocolat, chocolate eclair, and fruit tart.

    Good to know: Start your morning off with a fresh loaf from Paul's in-house boulangerie.

  • Devoted to concocting nothing but authentic gelato, Amorino was founded by a pair of childhood friends with a shared passion for Italian ice cream. Nurturing a fascination for the famed dessert since they were kids, the dynamic duo has now brought the simple pleasure of fine ingredients and fresh fruit to the sweet treat scene in Dubai. At Amorino, you can take your tastebuds on a journey around the world - sampling exotic flavors like Sicilian Citrus and Brazilian Banana. recommends: Gelato, gianduja waffle, and the affogato.

    Good to know: Gelato cup sizes range from small (19 dirhams) to grandissmo (52 dirhams).

  • A sanctuary for Nutella enthusiasts, the Nutella Bar at Dubai Mall's Eataly is a haven for the sweet-toothed. The dessert bar features a creative menu bursting over with freshly baked goodies like croissants, tarts, and crepes. If Dubai's heat has killed your appetite, cool off with an icy cold pint of Nutella-infused coffee blends. If you're as much into Italian fare as you are into Nutella, then you're in for a double whammy. Recipe hint: chocolate sauce with pasta is an actual thing! recommends: Nutella cannolo, crepe, and brioche.

    Good to know: Download the Dubai Mall app to make finding your destination a breeze.


  • If you've been blinded by a blinking neon pink sign while driving around town, chances are you've come across Dum Dum Donutterie. Throwing kawaii and futuristic vibes into an odd mix, the funky dessert brand is winning hearts at the speed of light! Whether you've got a sweet or savory tooth, this place has something for every palate. Always dolled up for Instagram, the donuts arrive looking like a piece of heaven (and tasting like it too). Go crazy with its weird and wild combos. recommends: Salted Caramel cronut and the Zebra cronut

    Good to know: Grab a single cronut or throw a party with a box of six to twelve!