Business Bay’s top casual eateries

  • Modern Thai food served in the iconic warm glow of fuchsia lighting, this restaurant is all about comfort food. From signature sticky mango rice that'll send you weak in the knees to a classic Thai green curry that'll send a shiver down your spine, hit this eatery up if you're in Business Bay. Guaranteed to become an instant favorite after your first bite, it's super casual and will probably welcome you even if you show up in pajamas (we hear pajama chic is now a trend, anyway). recommends: Thai green curry, prawn cakes, and sticky mango rice.

    Good to know: Stray away from the standard menu by trying Fuchsia's weekly specials.

  • Mama'esh sends you to Palestine and back with the first bite. Using only the best and most authentic ingredients at hand, this eatery bakes its bread in a good ol' wood-fired stone oven. Packed tight with everything that's good in the world, take your pick from indulgent fillings ranging from labneh and veggies to Jordanian mansaf. Wash your meal down with some piping hot karak chai or keep it cool for the summer with a gulp of savory Ayran. recommends: Jordanian mansaf rolls and cream cheese and honey flatbread.

    Good to know: Mama'esh's doors are open until midnight on Thursdays and Fridays.


  • Before you dive into anything served at Pinza, remember to take it easy and savor every morsel. Your "pizza" base has waited through a 30-hour fermentation process for this moment. Pinza boasts hand-picked ingredients straight from Italy - like its bresaola, tomatoes, and all its cheese. An enthusiastic startup with plenty of heart, its four-flour dough is manually kneaded and its veggies are GMO free. Crafted for the modern foodie, Pinza promises a memorable meal. recommends: Montouri pizza and Nutella with banana pizza.

    Good to know: Head over to Pinza's website and order your meal online!

  • Frugal, fast, and filling - Zaatar W Zeit is ideal for anything from a sunny breakfast to greasy bites after hitting the pub. Primarily health-driven, the menu is loaded with all your favorites with none of the guilt points. Here, you can sink your teeth into a carb-heavy feast or just chug away on a freshly squeezed super juice. Zaatar W Zeit is committed to bring its diners together and form a community of culinary enthusiasts. Whatever you love, this place serves it in a toasty roll. recommends: Halloumi pan, strawberry cheesecake, and Z kanefeh.

    Good to know: Consider ordering in since the eateries can be pretty compact.

  • For Chinese eats with an epic history, drive over to Ming Bowl in Business Bay. If grabbing some indulgent Chinese takeout's on your mind, this is where to score it from. Its menu is stuffed with all the classics - spring rolls, glazed chicken wings, and greens cooked in interesting sauces. For something fresher, order a meal straight out of the wok. Keeping its food diverse, the menu takes a detour from Chinese cuisine and features some solid Thai favorites too! recommends: Dynamite shrimp, Peking Duck, and exotic greens with fish.

    Good to know: In addition to Chinese fare, Ming Bowl also serves up Thai classics.

  • Akin to its name, Lakeside Spice is a humble little eatery by Business Bay's sparkling waters. Serving up hearty Indian food with a side portion of Burj Khalifa views, it's where to hit up if you're craving some fiery fare. Fusing Indian spices into everything from rice and bread to pasta and soups, Lakeside Spice also features a wallet-friendly chaat menu for quick bites on the go. recommends: Mutton Rogan Josh, curried prawns, and homestyle fish curry.

    Good to know: Ideal for al fresco dining with picturesque views of the Burj Khalifa.

  • Freshly rolled out of university, Tossed's founder Vincent, launched the brand's first outlet in London. Committed to serving up healthy fodder that's easy on the tastebuds, the eatery ensures it doesn't cut back on flavor or portion size either. Tossed's menu is packed with fresh vegetables, low GI carbs, and lean protein - perfect if you're on a seasonal detox or straight out of the gym! Build your own monster salads, power up on smoothies, and enjoy a guilt-free feast at Tossed. recommends: The muscle builder burger and peanut butter protein smoothie.

    Good to know: For an extra hand, check out Tossed's online nutritional calculator.

  • Inspired by ancient Mughlai recipes and exotic ingredients, Gazebo tells a story with every piping hot dish it serves up. The restaurant's kitchen is home to chefs that are descendants of culinary experts that presided over Mughal kitchens centuries ago. Known for its renowned biryani, expect to dine like a royal at Gazebo's table. The eatery's walls are studded with several accolades, including honorable mentions from What's On, Trip Advisor, and Masala! recommends: Saffron falooda, lobster tandoori, and anything off the biryani menu.

    Good to know: Hosting a shindig? Order an XXXL biryani for 330 to 360 dirhams!

  • Arguably the UAE's favorite taco and burrito spot, Taqado is on a mission to inject salsa into every nook and cranny it can find. An eatery where the brand is as funky as the food, fill up on Mexican staples while getting your palate rocked with Taqado's fiery salsa verde and creamy guacamole. Wash down your meal with an ice cold bottle of Jarritos, and don't you dare walk out the door without chowing down on some fresh churros picaduras. It's always a fiesta at Taqado! recommends: Chorizo burrito, churros picaduras, and spicy hot chocolate.

    Good to know: Fan of Horchata by Vampire Weekend? Try the actual drink at Taqado!

  • Home to jazzy gourmet burgers, supreme hotdogs, ridiculously good milkshakes, indulgent salads, and everything in between - Sheikh & Shake is here to feed Dubai's burger loving population. If you're not in the mood for a burger, switch up the way you take your meat and veggies with a mega pizza instead. Breakfast aficionados that haven't quite mastered the skill of waking up at breakfast time will be delighted to know this joint does all-day breakfast! recommends: Chili cheese hotdog and the Kit Kat milkshake.

    Good to know: The eatery isn't super spacious, so grabbing a takeaway is a good bet.

  • Sure, S'wich is more expensive than your regular shawarma but with good reason! This gourmet shawarma eatery puts a modern twist on its wraps, making room for countless customizations. With a recipe for old school street food in its pocket, S'wich joined forces with a celebrity chef and brought forth the shawarma of tomorrow. If you're not feeling any of the eatery's several combinations, create your own! Name it, save it onto S'wich's online menu, and wait to go viral. recommends: Duck S'wich, Super Mario S'wich, and the truffle fries.

    Good to know: The meat that S'wich caters are free from hormones and antibiotics.