Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi
For guests looking for contemporary Asian food set in a stunning atmosphere, it doesn’t get much better than the 54th floor of the Address Sky Views. Ce La Vi offers plenty of dining and entertainment options and an excellent location for residents to be a tourist in their own city. 

To avoid any disappointment, we highly suggest making reservations in advance. With social distancing and Ce La Vi’s popularity, visitors will also want to maximize the best seats in the house (poolside, outside, or near a window). Tables can be booked by calling 04 582 6111. Guests should be aware of different timings for different sections of the restaurant, which are outlined on the venue’s website. Visitors should also note specific timings and days of the week may come with a minimum spend.

Guests who are driving can avail of the Address Sky View valet. There is a dedicated, separate entrance to Ce La Vi, which is just outside the lobby.  We choose to use a car-sharing app, and are dropped off directly. 

Greeting and Seating
While the ground-level lobby is empty (we assume it is staffed later in the day), a hostess meets us directly out of the lift, and we’re shown to our table. Fair warning, the lift moves fast, and if you’re afraid of heights, it’s probably best to close your eyes and hope for the best. Guests should be aware there are distinct areas at Ce La Vi, the SkyBar, the restaurant, the pool deck, and the club lounge. Reservations should be made accordingly.

With pleasant weather, it’s probably best to take advantage and book a table on the terrace or at the pool lounge for more vibrant energy. Also, it bears mentioning that views of the Burj Khalifa don’t get much better than this, especially near sunset.

Throughout our meal, service is unobtrusive, which we enjoy. Servers are where we need to find them when we need anything but are not overly pushy. We’ve been to outlets where there is perhaps more personality and knowledge of the menu from the wait staff, but overall, we have no complaints as we’re well looked after.  

Our Order
After scanning the QR code (ubiquitous these days, yes?), we review the menu, which offers a range of international favorites. To start, we order Burrata, AED95, because this is Dubai, and we’re always curious to see different interpretations of this widely popular dish. The plating is generous and easily split between two people. There is an inclusion of unique ingredients we don’t usually see, including nectarine, pickled red onion, endive, candied walnuts, and nectarine shiso vinaigrette. Although my dining partner both think the portion of Burrata could be a bit larger and creamier, it wouldn’t stop us from ordering the dish again. Scallops have always been a favorite of mine, so I don’t hesitate to request the Diver Scallop Grenobloise, AED120. The plate arrives with four scallops, enhanced with brown butter, capers, and cauliflower mousseline, and while my dining partner and I agree that while they are perfectly cooked, we would both prefer a bit more of a sear on the outside of the scallops. My friend sees the Calamari, AED80, and decides to order, and I’m glad she does. The portion is generous (which seems fair, given the price point), and while I like the inclusion of chilies, I think a little more attention on the lime garlic aioli sauce might be appreciated to punch things up. To finish our starters, we order the Crispy Potato Hash (done in an Okonomiyaki Style). Topped with Kewpie mayo, Bulldog sauce, scallions, furikake, and bonito Flakes, AED47, it is an artfully arranged dish. Like the scallops, we’d prefer a bit more of a crisp in the texture of the potato but give full marks to the topping (and appreciate the drama in the bonito flakes).

As we are already quite full from our starters, our approach to main dishes is a bit unique.  Rather than one of the larger, heavier dishes, I decide to order the Wagyu and Shrimp Toast, AED130. While I don’t taste a lot of specific shrimp flavor in the toasts, I would still happily order this beautiful dish again. My dining partner spots the Tagliatelle Mushroom Fricasse, AED125, which she selects. With roasted mixed mushrooms, Shiitake dashi cream, and  Grana Padano, we’re both impressed with this rich pasta. To round out this course, I have a weakness for roasted Brussels Sprouts, AED55, and am not disappointed. The portion is massive, and with additions of lime, honey, and sriracha, it’s another dish I would love to enjoy again. I always love to see when sides aren’t neglected and add to the meal.

When asked if we’re interested in dessert, my friend selects the Dark Chocolate Fondant, AED65, which includes 70% dark chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream, and matcha green tea foam. The plating is a bit of a strange choice, but the taste is lovely, and it’s easily split between two people.

Overall, the pace of the meal matches our visit on a Saturday afternoon -- leisurely.  We’re not rushed, which is appreciated. 

While the restaurant patrons seem to be quite diverse, the action appears to be centered more around the pool deck and shisha area.

Honestly, prices seem in line for the location. We’re sure there are cheaper dates in town, but they don’t come with a jaw-dropping view of the tallest building in the world.

Overall, would you return?
Yes, and we think Saturday afternoon might be the best time to visit. Curious diners might also want to try the set lunch menu, which is available Sunday through Thursday, which offers excellent value for money. And, of course, a trip isn’t complete without a visit to the iconic infinity pool or the rose-laden swing, which is perfectly placed for that one-of-a-kind photo of the Burj Khalifa. 

The Wagyu and Shrimp Toast are a must-order, and we’re not afraid to mention the Brussels Sprouts again.

Disclaimer: MenuPages.ae was a guest of this establishment.