Unwind @ Muchachas


With enough exquisite resort staycations under our belt, this Eid break we decided to try out a home based staycation with the intent of exploring Dubai and meeting friends and family.

First stop, Muchachas!

My wife decided it was not required to make one but as usual I offered her my wisdom which once again proved to be beneficial. There were enough people around when we arrived for my wife to whisper “You were right”. Not sure about weeknights, but I definitely recommend making a reservation for a weekend.

Plenty available right outside so this should not be a problem. No valet parking service available.

Greeting & Seating:
The team at the entrance was polite and cordial in their welcome. Our table was ready so they walked us right to it.

Knowledge & Service of the waiter(s):
There was no doubt that the server was very well trained and aware of all aspects of the menu. The service was efficient and we had no complaints.

Our Order:
Based on a combination of the server’s recommendations and our own selections, we ordered the following:

Flower Margarita
Red Trouble Mocktail

Yucca Fries
Street Style Charred Corn On The Cob
Mushroom Sopes
Quesadillas De Camarones (Prawn Quesadillas)
Grilled Flank Steak Taco
Grilled Seabass Taco
Chicken Al Pastor Taco

Courtesy extended during the meal:
The food came fairly quickly and the service overall was good. Perhaps they could have just asked us if there was anything else we required as an extension of courtesy. Overall, no complaints.

Food quality & taste:
As I always say, taste is an opinion. In this case, however, all four of us unanimously voted 4/5 for food quality and taste. Considering Muchachas is not aiming to be a chichi Michelin star restaurant where only the super-elite are welcome, I would say that the food satisfies a craving for good Mexican food.

This venue aims to be one that allows you to unwind and enjoy a lively atmosphere and it achieves its goal splendidly.

The bill was originally around AED 500 for 4 people which is fairly reasonable for Dubai’s current standards. The fire alarm went off for a few minutes so the manager dropped by each table and apologized offering us a discount on the total bill which was extremely generous of him. The final bill then came to around AED 420/- for 4 people.

Overall would you return?
Absolutely! This may turn out to be one of my most frequented restaurants in Dubai as I have been looking for a place just like this; good food, relaxed unpretentious ambiance,and good service at a good price.

Chef's Recommendations:
Camarones a la Diabla
Tamalitos and Tuna ceviche