Healthy Eateries

  • With a constant buzz of people and activity, The Cycle Bistro offers the best of locally and internationally sourced ingredients to create truly healthy and delicious dishes. The Paleo diet is seen as a lifestyle, not a trend that comes and goes. It prohibits us from using any Sugar, Dairy and Gluten which means that there is definitely no preservatives or additives, making them the ultimate health food restaurant. recommends: Cycle Guacamole

    Good to know: The Cycle Bistro prides itself in being the first and only truly Paleo restaurant in Dubai.

  • At Eat Well, you’ll see healthy food in a new way. They’re making it tasty, trendy and best of all, desirable. Yes, desirable. They’re talking about gourmet food. Delicious dishes laid out by experienced staff, making sure every bite looks impossibly scrumptious. You’ll want to order “what she’s having!” recommends: Signature Banana Pancake and Vegan Omelette.

    Good to know: Eat Well prides itself in being the first lifestyle restaurant, offering health conscious foodies in Dubai bespoke meals designed by their Wellness Chef.

  • Zerofat can help you reach your goals with Zerofat’s customizable meal plans. You can select a program or build your own meal plan. Meal plans can be delivered in select areas across UAE. Zerofat makes sure that all the cuisines being prepared and served to you are fresh and made with dedication. recommends: Balsamic Salad and Margarita Pizza.

    Good to know: Zerofat has its in-house nutritionists that could help you with your meal plans.

  • A restaurant is just one of the countless hats SEVA wears. A hippie playground in a verdant corner of Jumeirah, it is also a thriving wellness center and meditation studio. A respite from Dubai's urban mania, SEVA is a bubble of good vibes and good food. Soak up the sunshine, strike up a conversation with its rescue parrot and tuck into a vegan feast here. recommends: Eggless Omelet With Chaga and Snickers Pie With Cacao Powder

    Good to know: SEVA Table the first 100% Plant-based, Gluten free, Cane Sugar free, and GMOs free Cafe in the Middle East since 2014.

  • Serving everything from wraps to bowls, Just Salad is a common haunt in many an office lunch room. More than just what it's name suggests, get closer to those fitness goals with an idyllic salad or reward yourself with a midday treat from its snack menu. From cold salads and warm bowls to toast boxes and fresh smoothies, Just Salad is so much more than just...salad. recommends: Thai chicken salad and the barbacoa market plate.

    Good to know: Just Salad's dressing doesn't have to go on the side! They're all homemade.


  • This homegrown brand dishes out sinful fare under 500 calories. To put that into context, a single slice of cheesecake can ramp up more than 1000 calories! This resto's menu is teeming with scrumptious salads, soups, super bowls and sandwiches. From hearty steak and eggs to succulent balsamic chicken with strawberries, tuck into more for less at Under 500. recommends: Mediterranean omelet, steak and mushroom rice and Lean Green.

    Good to know: From lentil ragu to its bean burger, Under 500 boasts a handful of vegan options.

  • Homegrown and here to claim its space in the health food scene, Kcal is one of the originators of good eating in the UAE. While monster burgers and freakshakes were enjoying their moment in the sun, Kcal was busy making calorie-controlled versions for weight and wellness watchers. Its menu features lite versions of go-to comfort food like burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads. Propel yourself to your fitness goals with Kcal's pasta-free lasagne, veggie chili and banana sushi. recommends: Chicken shawarma, salmon teriyaki and the supreme burger.

    Good to know: Kcal's menu is loaded with meat-free, wheat-free and sugar-free options.

  • Dubai's answer to Whole Foods, Organics Foods and Cafe started its story in Satwa. The organic supermarket and cafe is family-run and sports some serious soul. Selling and serving biodynamic food, it's loved for its vibrant menu and bustling weekend brunch. The family-friendly cafe dishes out wholesome fare including traditional breakfasts, curries, sandwiches, pizza and pasta. recommends: Chicken laksa, Parisian breakfast and homemade ice tea.

    Good to know: Sample its best-sellers at brunch for AED 99 on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Little Erth is more than just a restaurant, it's a community center. From its informal book exchange program to the feral cats that have come to call it home, zen is on the menu here. Little Erth serves a plethora of creative veggie dishes, pushing the envelope past salads and risotto. A sun-kissed playground in the day and a magical alcove at night, it welcomes everyone from digital nomads to diners on the hunt for veggie soul food. Little Erth's menu is wholesome and sprinkled with a touch of Middle Eastern magic. From light bites like raw vegan sliders and summer rolls to heartier dishes like vegetarian paella and pho – it's got a little something for everyone. recommends: Pho R'way, raw sliders, vegan cheese and banana ice cream cake.

    Good to know: Take Little Erth home with you. The resto does vegan and pescatarian meal plans.

  • Hapi's minimalist menu sticks to the basics and nails them. Hapi is best approached with a sense of adventure. While it serves eggs on toast, why order that when you can sink your teeth into a rich smattering of bone marrow on toast? Instead of washing your meal down with a soda, lull it to sleep with a steaming cup of slow-cooked bone broth. Vegetarians and vegans, get in on this broth action with Hapi's mushroom version spiked with sage, za'atar and parsley. Wrap up your meal with a brain freeze from its signature organic soft-serve ice cream. recommends: Bone broth, homemade ice cream and the Hapi hot dog.

    Good to know: Tuck into Hapi's loaded brekkie menu from 8AM to 12PM.

  • Acai Xpress serves edible rainbows in a bowl. Bringing the Amazon's passion for wild fruit to the UAE, this brand is taking over Instagram with its picture-perfect acai bowls. Riding that superfood wave, Acai Xpress prides itself in serving the purest form of acai outside Brazil. Ideal after a beach stroll at La Mer, Acai Xpress' menu features acai bowls, softies, fruit salads and slushies. recommends: Banana Boat, Boat La Mer, Mad Pineapple and Coco Loko.

    Good to know: Acai Xpress is located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Road trip snacks sorted!

  • A bohemian oasis, Comptoir 102 is where traditional and modern Middle Eastern culture unites. We're talking avo on toast with masala chai while sunbathing on rustic Arabesque rugs. A retail space and resto, there's a tangible magic in the air. The vibes are as good as the food at Comptoir 102 – it's one of the early adopters of the local health food trend. Swing in for offbeat dishes like seaweed pesto, the vegan cheese plate and a vegan caesar salad. Comptoir 102 has comfort eats covered too with its glowing acai bowls, homemade raspberry jam and freshly baked bread. recommends: Acai bowl, vegan nut cheese plate and the smoothies.

    Good to know: AED 95 gets you a starter and main combo from its daily specials menu.


  • Wild and The Moon is a lifestyle movement that champions plant-based food. Its vibrant menu is loaded with fresh, hand-picked, seasonal produce. Based in Paris, the brand's local outlet is picking up major steam. Wild and The Moon's highlights include its organic cold-pressed juices, dehydrated snacks and acai bowls. Reconnect with the earth through food at Wild and The Moon. recommends: Rawliflower super bowl, kale chips and raw chocolate pudding.

    Good to know: Wild and The Moon does a detox program starting from AED 270.

  • Crush those fitness goals at Fit Food Kitchen. Its diverse menu is loaded with calorie-controlled options ranging from wraps and burgers to salads and desserts. Fit Food Kitchen dishes out healthier versions of your fave indulgences – think low-fat halloumi wrap, lean bean burger, protein-packed cake and grilled fish fillet. Wind down after a workout sesh with its fresh juices. recommends: Organic lentil salad, high-protein cake and low-fat ricotta wrap.

    Good to know: Fit Food Kitchen cooks all its dishes with organic coconut oil.


  • Those that can't handle anything spicier than black pepper need not fret, Heat isn't a shrine to hot food. HEAT – Healthy Eats and Treats – caters to specialty diets; from paleo to gluten-free. An offshoot of 24 Fitness gym, HEAT is here to feed Dubai's fitness enthusiasts. Cheat day isn't a thing at HEAT, everything on the menu is designed to complement your fitness regimen. From low-carb noodles and pizza to next-level salads and DIY smoothies, hit up HEAT to hit those goals. recommends: Cobb salad, fish tacos, cauliflower-crust pizza and Raw coffee.

    Good to know: Fan of breakfast for dinner? Roll in for all-day brekkie and artisanal coffee.

  • Nourish swung open its doors with the vision of being one of Dubai's first health food eateries. Its idea of “nourishing food” isn't swapping sugar with Stevia. Nourish's talented kitchen crew goes above and beyond to put real food on its guests' plate. From hand-making all the condiments that complement its dishes to baking its bread from stone-ground flour; the devil's in the detail here. recommends: Miso-glazed beef shortribs, slow carb beef lasagne and veggie pasta.

    Good to know: Launched by Emiratis, the drinks menu reflects the Khaleeji passion for coffee.

  • Joining the wellness movement, Soulfull is a lunchtime lighthouse amidst a storm of fast food. Helping DIFC dwellers make it to 6PM without crashing at their desk, Soulfull's dishes are clean, lean and high-protein. Its extensive menu features sandwiches, soups, salads and the lot. Kickstart your morning with some soul with one of its delicious brekkies. recommends: Soulfull fajita, naughty soul burger, steak baguette and shakshouka.

    Good to know: Soulfull has a heap of veggie and vegan options on offer.

  • Where to go when those cravings strike. Catering to Dubai's thriving fitness community, Krave's menu is teeming with low-calorie dishes. Lauded for keeping its dishes calorie-sensible but nutritionally-rich, head down to Krave for a simple yet satisfying meal. recommends: Scrambled fiesta, shrimp burrito and the Krave burger.

    Good to know: Options at Krave include paleo, vegan, vegetarian and organic.