Dubai’s top veggie-friendly eateries

  • The perfect remedy for Dubai syndrome, an afternoon at Life n One will hit the restart button on your mood. Take a break from the skyscrapers and manic traffic. Instead, chill out with rescued birds, feral cats, lush trees, vintage record players, and cruelty-free soul food. The vegan grub here will redefine your opinion of plant-based food and Dubai's veggie scene. recommends: The Rocket Man, chickpea omelet, and the Snickers pie. 

    Good to know: Life n One welcomes everyone in its garden - including dogs!

  • Explore signature Rajasthani and Gujarati dishes on a wooden platter at Rasoi Ghar. Steering clear of staple ingredients like baking soda and oil, it serves up healthy Indian soul food without the post-meal slump. Dine like a Maharaja at Rasoi Ghar and sample what life was like as an ancient Indian royal. The restaurant has enjoyed stellar success in all its years in the Dubai dining scene. recommends: Dhokla and the Grand Thali.

    Good to know: Rasoi Ghar's menu is mainly gluten-free without even trying!

  • Up your thali game at Rajdhani. Dishing out traditional Rajasthani fare, the flavors will confuse your palate in a good way. Historically an arid region of India, natives were forced to get creative with what was at hand. One of the most unique cuisines of India, a meal at Rajdhani is always followed by a snooze for dessert. Sample diverse Rajasthani flavors at this quaint Karama eatery. recommends: Rajdhani's varied thalis.

    Good to know: Rajdhani has a private dining area on offer.

  • Hit up a food safari at these neighboring sister outlets - dishing out fiery Indian, Mexican, and Italian fare. Treat yourself to iconic Indian molecular gastronomy at Spice Klub. Check out its modern take on the timeless vada pav and rediscover your love for fondue with an Indian twist. For heartier grub inspired by Italian and Mexican flavors, head over to Quattro Ristorante. recommends: Vada pav from Spice Klub and the tres leches at Quattro Ristorante.

    Good to know: Both restaurants host a wallet-friendly business lunch five days a week.

  • A staple on every old school vegetarian's list, Kamat is an award-winning trailblazer. Dishing out plant-based delicacies from all over the subcontinent, it's big on flavor and small on price. Its menu features belly-busting dishes from the North and tongue-tickling dishes from the South. Newbies are recommended to launch into a flavor fest with an epic thali (different every day). recommends: Paper dosa, Hyderabadi biryani, garlic naan, and ras malai.

    Good to know: Tables can be booked online at Kamat's website.

  • Everything served at Wild and The Moon is ethically sourced. The eatery's menu is packed with cold-pressed juices, nut milk, smoothies, soups, salads, and vegan nibbles. GMO isn't the only thing Wild and The Moon's food is free from - it's also prepared without dairy, soy, and gluten. It's an eatery on an eco-friendly mission, aiming to achieve zero waste by 2020. recommends: The Tiger, avocado toast, wild meal, and the cucumber wakame.

    Good to know: Wild and the Moon also offers comprehensive catering and detox packages.

  • After garnering great success in India, Little Italy has launched its first branch in Dubai. Humble in terms of both decor and price, the restaurant serves up hearty Italian classics. To satisfy those pizza and pasta cravings, head over to Little Italy and indulge in its varied menu. Vegetarians won't have to bat off recommendations of carpaccio and prosciutto at this plant-based eatery. recommends: Garlic bread, the Ultimate pizza, Semifreddo Al Mango.

    Good to know: Thin-crust pizzas can be ordered with a wheat base upon request.

  • Tucked away in Dubai's historical district of Bastikiya, XVA Cafe is a culinary oasis in the heart of old Dubai. Shaded under a majestic tree, this quirky eatery is ideal for a lazy Saturday afternoon of nibbles and boardgames. Boasting an eclectic menu of Middle Eastern inspired fare, it's usually bustling with tourists and Dubai residents alike. Don't miss the design shop on your way out! recommends: Zaatar sweet potato fries, mujjadarah, Rosa's cheesecake.

    Good to know: Despite being located at the XVA Art Hotel, the restaurant doesn't serve alcohol.

  • Loaded with guilt-free veggie delights, Tum Tum Asia serves up delicacies from all over Asia. A cuisine that's dominated by shrimp crackers and tofu doused in oyster sauce, Tum Tum Asia's owner is super strict about keeping things 100% vegetarian. He even keeps egg off his menu! A modern eatery dishing out love on a plate, you owe yourself a pilgrimage to Tum Tum Asia. recommends: Bangkok bao, Thai pani puri shots, and the chocolate burger.

    Good to know: Completely vegetarian with vegan-friendly options too!