Dubai’s top vegan restos

  • Little Erth is where JLT's good vibes live. Adored for its plant-based food and warm team, its communal ethos has won it more than just business – it's now an intrinsic part of Dubai's growing eco-conscious tribe. Little Erth's menu is packed with veggie versions of meat-based classics. Tuck into its famous raw sliders and pho or power up with a fresh soup or cleansing juice. recommends: Pho R'Way, Buddha burger, raw sliders, banana ice cream cake.

    Good to know: First-time subscribers to Little Erth's meal plan service get a 15% discount.

  • Fermented for up to 30 hours, Pinza's dough is rolled into imperfect ovals and blazed to perfection in a roaring oven. What makes it unique starts from the bottom – its pizza dough. It uses an 80 percent water per kilo ratio, compared to the standard 30 to 60 percent. This means that its pizzas are not just lighter on the tastebuds, it's lighter in calories too. Pinza's vegan menu features five plant-based pizzas packed with faux cheese, meat replacements and premium veggies. recommends: Truffled vegan, Mother Earth, The Faux Meat Lover.

    Good to know: Pinza's pizza base is free from GMOs and chemical additives.

  • One of the largest vegan restaurants in the UAE, Beyond Burger is the world's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks and tastes like a real beef burger. It even uses beets to bleed like an authentic rare patty. Packed with a whopping 25 grams of plant protein - the Beyond Burger is proudly free from soy, gluten and GMOs. Not limiting its options to just the Beyond Burger, its menu boasts six plant-based burgers complete with vegan American cheese and vegan mayo. recommends: Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Velvis shake.

    Good to know: Bareburger's dill pickles are prepared using a special 100-year old family recipe.

  • Freedom Pizza's commitment to running an ethical business is the reason it should be your go-to on a drunken Friday night. From ditching plastic straws to its powerful road safety campaign, it is so much more than a pizzeria. As a vegan, when was the last time you tucked into a pizza with all the fixins? We're talking sausage, cheese, bacon – the whole lot. It's probably been awhile. Freedom Pizza's vegan meat and dairy alternatives are here to put pizza night back on your calendar. It also offers vegan meatloaf sandwiches, cheesy vegan breadsticks and vegan cheesecake! This place deserves to be on every Dubai vegan's speed dial. recommends: Freegan pizza, vegan tartina, vegan cheesecake.

    Good to know: To help with portion control, Freedom Pizza has a calorie guide on its website.

  • A cute bohemian corner dishing up soulful clean eats. What's not to love about Brambles? For a slice of easy and breezy Cali living, slide into Brambles and order a fresh acai bowl. If your sweet tooth doesn't wake up until noon, sink them into savory delights like the avo toast or Vegan Glow bowl. For something seriously special – get your hands on its vegan tacos and avocado pizza. recommends: Avocado pizza, Vegan Glow Bowl, Desert Rose, The Riri.

    Good to know: Brambles' kale brownie has a cult following. Don't leave without a bite!

  • Known for a vibe that's as smooth as its famous smoothies, Comptoir 102 is an oasis amidst Jumeirah Beach Road's burger joints and fast food cafeterias. Its bohemian aesthetic is sure to transport you to another world from the moment you step in. Sink your teeth into all the colors of the rainbow with Comptoir 102's vibrant veggie dishes. Its kitchen draws inspiration from age-old wisdom; fermenting, steaming and dehydrating its dishes to perfection. recommends: Smoothies, seaweed pesto, vegan bowl, vegan nut cheese plate.

    Good to know: Comptoir 102 is proud to serve nut milk, superfoods and hyperlocal produce.

  • The first of its kind in the UAE, Poke Poke is the brainchild of two US military veterans, fitness professionals and international entrepreneurs. While the mention of a “poke bowl” immediately conjures up mental images of fresh salmon chunks resting on rice, Poke Poke is all about inclusivity. Its bowls can be customized with tofu and fresh veggies for plant-based guests. recommends: The vegan poke bowl.

    Good to know: You can also build your own bowl by choosing from a vibrant selection of interesting grains, energizing proteins and zingy gluten-free marinades.

  • Slinging Thai street food with character, it took a hot minute for Café Isan to become the Asian menu pinned to everyone's fridge. From its wallet-friendly prices to its animal-friendly space, this brand is built on love. Winning multiple awards since its debut, Café Isan's menu is becoming increasingly plant-forward with every passing season. From sinfully fresh sweet and savory salads to warming curries, it's the perfect place to reward yourself after evening run around the lakes. recommends: Tom Sum Je strawberry, papaya salad, laab cakes.

    Good to know: Café Isan does a special lunchtime combo for AED 45.


  • If Homer Simpson was vegan, he'd be all over Il Donaccino. A revolutionary addition to Dubai's plant-based scene, Il Donaccino is one of the city's first and only vegan donutteries. From vegan apple cider to vegan tangerine, it doesn't draw the line at fruity flavors. Guilty pleasures like dark chocolate, Lotus biscoff, peanut butter and choco Oreo lurk on its menu too. recommends: Vegan choco peanut butter, vegan d'original,  Vegan choco Oreo.

    Good to know: Sip the summer blues away with Il Donaccino's refreshing vegan mango smoothie.

  • More than just a vegan cafe, Life n One is also a wellness center and community space. Swap dining at a table and chair with something a little more playful – on a swing or off a tree trunk! Life n One's dishes are prepared with vibrant, local and organic ingredients. Its dishes are also free from GMOs, sugar, soy, gluten and microwave heating. Grab a lazy weekend brekkie with its eggless scramble or an energizing weeknight dinner under the stars with its superfood salad. recommends: Eggless omelet, jungle on toast, The Mexicasian, Snickers pie.

    Good to know: Host an event to remember with Life n One's catering services.


  • Redefining Dubai's perception of raw, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan fare – Supernatural Kitchen is here to break stereotypes about health food. Bringing tastebuds alive with homegrown produce, this restaurant has been humbly paving the way to a plant-friendlier Dubai for years. From pizza and lasagne to sushi and burgers, vegans can event satisfy potential salmon cravings with Supernatural's mock “smoked salmon”. It also serves a diverse selection of cake and cheese. recommends: Crispy “not duck” rolls, roasted veggie pizza, raw lemon cake.

    Good to know: In its mission to promote sustainable living, Supernatural Kitchen uses stainless steel straws, compostable containers for its deliveries, and is entirely plastic-free.

  • Wild and The Moon is a hidden gem tucked in the middle of the Al Quoz industrial area. Its bowls are prepared using handpicked seasonal ingredients and its low-temp dehydrated products are the perfect snack! Give your sweet tooth something special to nibble on with Wild and The Moon's sugar-free vegan desserts or its nutrient-dense artisanal vegan energy bars. recommends: Wild cream cheese and crackers, blue majik bowl, golden mylk.

    Good to know: Its legendary nut mylk is lovingly homemade with sprouted nuts.

  • Amongst Few Café is an offbeat fusion of sneaker culture and plant-based culture. Although not 100% vegan, its menu is brimming with unmissable plant-based dishes. Laced with Thai, Italian, Portuguese, British and Japanese flavors – veggie versions of sushi, tacos, burgers and ice cream are all on the table. Wrap your meal up with a cup of its premium fair-trade coffee. recommends: Yard breakfast, vegan sushi bowl, dairy-free avocado ice cream.

    Good to know: Sleep in! Amongst Few serves brekkie until 3PM.


  • One of Dubai's first ghost restaurants, The Hippy Deli doesn't have a physical venue. Cooking up plant-based magic and delivering it to doorsteps, it's part of the rising global phenomenon of virtual kitchens. The Hippy Deli's menu boasts varied nutrient-dense dishes tailored for athletes, yogis and even busy bees that don't want to live off takeaways. Tuck into its vegan benedict for an indulgent treat or go old school with its vegan banana-oats French toast. recommends: Acai bowl, soba bowl, pasta and meatballs, The Hippy Deli classic.

    Good to know: The Hippy Deli can exclusively be ordered from on Deliveroo.