Dubai’s top scrummiest frozen yogurt parlors

  • Red Mango runs a tight ship – keeping everything on deck free from fat and gluten. Packed with enough vitamins and antioxidants to make your face glow brighter than the sun, Red Mango's froyo is perfect for the health-conscious snacker. Keep your eyes peeled because Red Mango switches up its froyo flavors every month. If you're not feeling a cup of yogurt, be sure to check out its selection of power-packed fresh juices, fruit salads, and yogurt muesli instead.

    Good to know: Red Mango's open until 2AM if you want to end the day with a sweet treat. recommends: Mango and coconut yogurt smoothie.

  • Pinkberry's such an MVP in the global frozen yogurt game that it's got its own Wikipedia page. Like the Rolling Stones' music and Quentin Tarantino's movies, Pinkberry has gathered a major cult following over the years. It proudly states that its yogurt comes from real milk and its fruits are freshly hand-chopped every day. Pinkberry's signature pastel colors instantly hit the relax button, and each of its tart bowls of yogurt is like a mini spa in a cup. Become a groupie – try Pinkberry!

    Good to know: Pinkberry doesn't draw the line at froyo – it also does shakes and smoothies. recommends: Pomegranate froyo and chocolate froyo.

  • Ikea is one of the best and worst places in the world. You go in for a coffee mug and a swivel chair, and leave with a migraine and new-found hatred for your shopping partner. Make the drive to Dubai Festival City worth the trip by wrapping up your shopping spree with a froyo cone. Ikea's frozen yogurt doesn't come with toppings, although you'll be lucky to score the occasional chocolate drizzle if you smile real hard. Simple and sublime, just like everything Scandinavian, you're not a true froyo fan until you've had a lick of pure happiness at Ikea.

    Good to know: Ikea's wallet-friendly frozen yogurt cup costs less than five dirhams. recommends: Trying this on your next trip to Ikea.

  • Yogurtland knows how to please every member of the family. Kiddies can indulge in classic flavors like strawberry and chocolate while the adults sample bold espresso and salted caramel. Enjoy a froyo fix without worrying about cheating on your diet with its healthy toppings. You can either go wild with chocolate chips and gummy bears or keep it light with granola and fresh fruit. On a budget? You get to decide what you spend. Yogurtland's froyo is priced at 2.99 dirhams an ounce.

    Good to know: Download the Yogurtland app and get showered in constant points and rewards. recommends: French vanilla frozen yogurt.

  • Immaculately white, this yogurt parlor looks like the movie set for a space film. Everything from a simple scoop of vanilla to a flamboyant cup of Lotus will make you weak in the knees. What makes this joint worthy of our discerning list is its novel menu items – savory frozen yogurt. Swap chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles for olives and tortilla chips! If you're a Dubai kid, you'll love The Yogurt Lab's take on quintessential Middle Eastern flavors. We're talking Arabian candy floss you'd steal from your granny's dessert trolley, rose petal toppings, and cardamom!

    Good to know: The Yogurt Lab offers home delivery if you live in the vicinity. recommends: Emirati infusion savory froyo and Eastern Promise sweet froyo.