Dubai’s top 16 drool-worthy gourmet cakeries

  • Clinton Street is one of those New York restaurants that wakes up on a Sunday morning and finds a queue that stretches all the way to the moon at its doorstep. Realizing they had a recipe for success on their hands, the brand decided to spread the love with the rest of the world. Clinton Street Baking Company hit Dubai with its first branch in Downtown, and recently opened its doors at City Walk. The restaurant is known and loved for its classic confections, ranging from American pies to German cakes. Its' organic cakes can be customized for special occasions too.

    MenuPages recommends: Peanut butter ice box pie and German chocolate cake.

    Good to know: Clinton Street currently only delivers to areas in Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai International Financial Center, and Trade Center. New delivery lines may open with the launch of its second outlet in the City Walk dining district in Jumeirah.

  • A massive hit among the Emirati population, a special corner is always reserved for Wow Sweets at every Arab wedding buffet. The confectionary weaves the unique taste of Kuwait into every single morsel of its desserts. What distinguishes Wow Sweets from its competitors is its ingenious use of Middle Eastern ingredients like rose, saffron, and pistachio. Health is a major priority while preparing these desserts, with the dishes boasting no preservatives or artificial flavors.

    MenuPages recommends: Rose cake, caramel cake, and pistachio cake.

    Good to know: Perfect for a soirée, Wow Sweets also sells finger sandwiches and canapés.

  • Call 911 because Sugar Moo's baking game is on fire! It's a classic case of love at first bite with this relatively young local brand. The chocolate cookie and Oreo truffle are crowd favorites – with everything else on the menu stealing hearts the minute they hit your taste buds. For Christmas stocking stuffers, thank you treats, and Halloween goodies – put Sugar Moo on speed dial. Give your treats a personal touch, and get a customized message or picture printed on your cake too!

    MenuPages recommends: Red Velvet Oreo Crunch cake and Ube Dube Doo cake.

    Good to know: Create your own customized cake on Sugar Moo's website.

  • Known for smothering everything under the sun in Nutella and rainbow frosting, Sugaholic should be on every sugarholic's dessert bucket list. The bakery recently broke a Guinness World Record for building an eight meter tall cupcake tower stacked with a whopping 8000 cupcakes. It then proceeded to distribute every single one of these cupcakes for free, after the record was officially broken. An order can be made online with a secure payment portal available on its website.

    MenuPages recommends: Rose cake, gluten-free truffle cake, and customized Nutella cake.

    Good to know: Sugaholic's e-bakery offers a great rewards system for every item ordered.

  • Hummingbird Bakery was on everybody's lips when cake was the topic of conversation in the early 2010s. Serving up authentic American cupcakes, Hummingbird Bakery first opened its doors in London during a time when cupcakes were a novel trend. Over time, they gradually won their customers' hearts by first winning over their taste buds and journeyed over to the Middle East. They've been a raging hit since, from kid's birthday parties to coffee dates at the mall.

    MenuPages recommends: Brooklyn Blackout and Red Velvet whoopie pie.

    Good to know: The bakery offers gift boxes filled with cupcakes, priced from 84 to 144 dirhams.

  • Magnolia Bakery's business soared through the roof when they made their debut in Sex and the City. Following that, its bakeries were crammed with eager fans lining up for hours just to sink their teeth into Carrie Bradshaw's favorite cupcake. Emerging into the confections market in 1996, Magnolia Bakery is a nationally adored baked goods boutique. As the decades have passed, this humble little bakery has come a long way – from a cozy little corner in NYC's West Village to all over the world. The brand has now decided to share its sugar-dusted wisdom with fans with regular cooking lessons and baking demonstrations. One of the desserts Magnolia Bakery's renowned for is surprisingly not a cupcake but its award-winning banana pudding instead!

    MenuPages recommends:
    Prize-winning banana pudding and the savory Nolia pies.

    Good to know: Takeaway cakes from Magnolia Bakery shouldn't be refrigerated.

  • Home Bakery stands for much more than a slice of cake. Encompassed in a beautifully designed nest, this bakery strives to teleport its diners back "home". While the harsh reality of the modern home is a minefield of crumpled newspapers, unplugged laptops, coffee stains, and empty ramen pots – the Home Bakery essentially offers to be your home away from home. It's tastefully decorated interiors let you enjoy a reality that comes complemented with the most modern of art, the comfiest of arm chairs, and the gooiest of cakes. Home Bakery's dessert menu hits the right spot, right from its classic chocolate cake to its trendy strawberry cheesecake cups.

    MenuPages recommends: Salted caramel and peanut butter cake and the flourless cake.

    Good to know: Home Bakery accepts dessert orders online via its website.

  • The clue's in the name. The Cheesecake Factory is every amateur dessert enthusiast's gateway drug to the finer confections in life. Right from its monstrously huge portions to its lambent lighting, dining at this restaurant feels like your grandma's sloppy kiss on a plate. The brand features an impressive 250 dishes cooked from scratch, every single day. The Cheesecake Factory's story began in the 1940s in the sweet little kitchen of a Michigan housewife. The brand's first ever slice of original cheesecake was whipped up from a recipe in the newspaper. When her neighbors licked their plates clean when served a slice, she realized she was on to something magical.

    MenuPages recommends:
    Toasted Marshmallows S'mores Galore cheesecake.

    Good to know: For diners watching their waistline, check out the Factory's skinny dessert menu.

  • Launched in 1889, Paul Bakery and Patisserie first starting serving fine coffee and even finer confections in Northern France. The restaurant takes the hassle out of food planning for events with its scrumptious menu of freshly baked delicacies. Its home-baked bread is often the secret to the perfect sandwich – a recipe for which average supermarket bread just doesn't suffice! The French are internationally renowned for their cuisine, and Paul takes that to the next level. It proves that France hasn't just mastered savory, but sweet gastronomy too. Its menu features national classics like chocolate eclairs and millefeuilles, but globally loved cakes and tarts too.

    MenuPages recommends: Coffee eclair and millefeuille.

    Good to know:
    Make sure you place your order well in advance, service can get a little slow here.

  • The perfect place to whisper over some scandalous news, this Emirati company combines its love for coffee, cakes, and couture into a single brand. Not only does Gossip Café and Bakery specialize in whipping up desserts for an event, it even goes the mile and helps whip together an event. The brand's consulting arm is located in Dubai Design District and produces some of the most stylish events to hit Dubai's streets. To make your events seem effortless, let Gossip Café and Desserts make all the effort with the catering. You focus on being the most fabulous version of yourself!

    MenuPages recommends: PB&J bagel and the Emirati Qahwa cupcake.

    Good to know: Enhance your next event by hiring Gossip Café to do the catering.

  • From Belgian chocolate to Greek baklava, Sweet Affair sends its clients on a gourmet sugar rush with its delicately crafted delicacies. With specific ingredients specially sourced from all over the world, the dessert brand is all about weaving sweet memories into its customer's psyche. Sweetest Affair gives traditional flower bouquets some tough competition with its creative alternatives - including cupcake bouquets, specialized cupcake packages for baby showers and birthdays, cupcake wedding invitations, birthday favors, and personalized cupcake towers.

    MenuPages recommends: Cupcakes with dried fruits and exotic date fillings.

    Good to know: Sweetest Affair's cakes are perfect for Middle Eastern events.

  • Having trained in Switzerland and worked alongside glittering five-star establishments in Dubai, Arwa Federal has carved herself a glistening reputation in the local dessert market. Following several creative themes, the dessert brand can produce dramatic cake towers for weddings or even a batch of cute cupcakes for a kid's first birthday party. The freelance baker and cake artist flaunts an impressive portfolio brimming with talent and colorful marzipan designs.

    MenuPages recommends: Arwa Federal's bite-sized cake pops.

    Good to know: The bakery also designs cakes that look like food replicas for themed events.


  • Get Baked is known for producing customized desserts that bring alive any party it's invited to. Its baked goods comprise a varied assortment of cake pops, cupcakes, birthday cakes and much more. The creative minds behind this fun brand are oozing with cool ideas that instantly turn into delicious creations the moment they step out of the oven. For events ranging from glamorous bridal showers to kid's birthday parties – get on the phone with Get Baked pronto!

    MenuPages recommends: Vibrantly themed chocolate-filled cupcakes.

    Good to know: Getting in touch with Get Baked is easier over the phone than online.

  • If you want a cake that's bursting with flavor but not necessarily calories, put The Lime Tree Café on your agenda. The café is renowned for its legendary carrot cake, among other wholesome treats. With the rising sensitivity towards gluten in the local market, the Lime Tree Café has adapted its menu and launched a special service for these clients. It's gluten-free menu is whipped up in a certified gluten-free kitchen, by a team of dedicated bakers. This humble little New Zealand café has been sprouting up all over Dubai, serving up more than just delicious confections.

    MenuPages recommends: Carrot cake and jeweled carrot and pistachio tea cake.

    Good to know: Whole cakes and slices can conveniently be ordered and paid for online.