City Walk’s top spots to meet and eat

  • Born in South Africa, Walnut Grove brings scrumptious fare and rustic charm to the heart of City Walk. Boasting globally-renowned cakes and artisanal coffee, it's the ideal space to catch up with an old friend or grab a speedy business lunch. Swing by over the weekend for a hearty brunch - its breakfast menu gives off strong eggs and avocado vibes, plus its coffee is hand-roasted! recommends: Rainbow cake, honeycomb mini waffles, and the signature burger.

    Good to know: Walnut Grove is particularly known for its cake, so don't leave without a slice.

  • Joining its sibling branches in Boston, New York, and Bangkok on the map; Toro + Ko recently opened its doors in Dubai at the glamorous City Walk. Dishing out Barcelona's best bites, the urban tapas bar is an ideal hub for all things social and Spanish. Injecting flair and flavor into everything it serves, the restaurant and bar combines industrial chic with modern cocktails and nibbles. recommends: Roasted bone marrow, squid ink seafood paella, and crema catalana.

    Good to know: Not only is Toro + Ko licensed, it's also got an extensive gin menu!

  • This gelato parlor has a story as sweet as the ice cream it serves. A passion project shared by two childhood chums - the duo is committed to dishing out indulgent ice cream whipped from natural ingredients. Designed to mimic intimate Italian cafes, Amorino doesn't just draw the line at gelato. It also serves up killer coffee, gourmet products, and impeccable sweet treats. recommends: Gelato, gianduja waffle, and the affogato.

    Good to know: You can grab a takeaway cold box ranging from 59 dirhams to 110 dirhams.

  • One of New York's most beloved brunch spots, Sarabeth's is frequented by many an A-lister. Renowned for its French toast and eggs benedict, the cafe concept recently opened its doors at City Walk. Bringing quintessential American service and nibbles to the UAE, Sarabeth's is the place to be if typical Dubai brunches (read: free-flowing booze and blaring music) isn't your scene. recommends: French toast, eggs benedict, and the smoked salmon sandwich.

    Good to know: Have a social over Sarabeth's tea time spread from 5:30 PM t0 6:30 PM.

  • Oozing with vibrance, Enab Beirut is a slice of Lebanon tucked away in City Walk. No matter where you're from, the kitschy wallpaper and furniture will make you feel right at home. Its menu is loaded with homemade Middle Eastern soul food - from elaborately prepared shish taouk to a simple platter of sliced watermelon. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage Arabian typography too! recommends: Shish taouk, cheese rolls, and grilled halloumi.

    Good to know: If you're an adventurous eater, make sure you try the marinated frogs!


  • Ah, the humble burger, Dubai's unofficial national dish. Bareburger is the delicious brainchild of a vegan, carnivore, and dietitian. With a mission that's miles ahead of the local burger scene, Bareburger lives in the future. Its menu boasts gems like curry ginger ketchup, habanero mayo, and wild freaking camel! Grab a bite at this game-changing burger joint asap. recommends: Camel burger, Macho fries, and the buttermilk buffalo sandwich.

    Good to know: If you're watching the calories, sub your bun for a crunchy green wrap.

  • Turkish food has always been cozily nestled in Dubai's food culture, but hasn't spent much time in the limelight. Simit Sarayi, a brand that's sprouting up in every corner of the world, is bringing traditional Anatolian cuisine to the world stage. Add simit, borek, and borek to your food dictionary by sampling the tongue-tickling snacks at Simit Sarayi. recommends: Potato rose borek, tahini cookie, and the Turkish tea.

    Good to know: Simit Sarayi was crowned brand of the year at the World Branding Awards 2017.

  • Mitts and Trays started as a home bakery and ballooned into a cozy eatery. Everything on the menu is freshly prepared daily, with a core focus on wholesome ingredients. The menu features contemporary European fare, with the occasionaltouch of Middle Eastern inspiration. Don't be fooled by its coffeeshop aesthetic, Mitts and Trays dishes out belly-busting grub all day long. recommends: Grilled eggplant, jerky spiced lamb chops, and saffron cheesecake.

    Good to know: Early risers, try out the scrummy breakfast menu served between 9AM to 11:30AM.

  • Bringing sexy back to salads, Saladicious Grillz is anything but boring. Rebranding what's typically considered rabbit food, the bowls at this eatery are loaded with goodness. Featuring a diverse menu, Saladicious Grillz is ideal for anything from a relaxed weekend brunch to a lightening-fast midweek power lunch. Ideal for liquid diets too, it's also got an extensive soup and juice menu. recommends: Sashimi salad, green mung bean salad, and latte cake.

    Good to know: The beef brisket is aged for a week in a pool of sumptuous soy marinade.

  • There's one clear superstar at Tartufi and Friends - truffle. Elevating the flavor of humble Italian dishes using truffle, this restaurant is all about serving edible luxury. You'll find truffle squeezed into the most unusual places - even the cocktails! You can even pick up some signature truffle-laced kitchen staples at Tartufi and Friends for an epic dinner party. recommends: The exclusive burger, burrata with truffle honey, and choco fondant.

    Good to know: Tartufi and Friends offers a kids menu in case the little ones want a taste of truffle.

  • Falla's menu is packed to the brim with awesome eats - mainly featuring pasta, burgers, and fries. The eatery is splashed in vibrant colors and boasts an energetic vibe. The perfect den to snuggle up with close friends over a monstrous bowl of loaded fries or a round of bomb burgers. Add it to your list of classic comfort food hubs for when you can't decide on what you want for dinner. recommends: TNT shrimps, smokey jar fries, and the sliders.

    Good to know: The eatery is super compact, so you might need to wait for a table.

  • Bringing the magic of molecular gastronomy to City Walk, Farzi Cafe puts a theatrical spin on traditional Indian cuisine. A single glimpse at the dishes here is enough to send your Instagram followers weak in the knees. After decades of being associated with post-pub fodder, the restaurant wants to rebrand Indian food using smoke and mirrors - quite literally! recommends: Bootlegger mocktail, ras malai, and daal chawal arancini.

    Good to know: Farzi Cafe is the brainchild of Zorawar Kalra - an iconic Masterchef judge.