As the website states: “Allow all your senses to be seduced, nourished and enchanted at 3BK, where we celebrate contemporary innovation and honour classic inspiration. Enter our world and experience a gastronomic, liquid, and social scene quite unlike anything else in the city.” Well, let’s see if the team delivers on these promises, shall we?

Reservations can be made via the website, although walk-ins earlier in the evening or weeknights should still be welcome. After the terrace is open, we imagine it will be imperative to book ahead for the views. 3BK is open Sat-Wed 6 pm-1.30 am, Thu-Fri 6 pm-3 am. Guests can either call 04 888 6333 or visit the website: https://3bkdubai.com/.

Even after years in Dubai, we always feel fancy arriving directly at the Burj Khalifa. Follow signs to the Armani Hotel and use the valet accordingly. Should you be at the Dubai Mall, it should be possible to walk over. We opt to use a ride-sharing app and get dropped off at the front of the hotel.

Greeting and Seating
While the restaurant is not particularly well signed from the chic main lobby area, after inquiring, we’re told to ride the elevator to the third floor. Sure enough, on the third floor, we turn in the opposite direction from the spa and spot the signage and the hostesses for 3bk. We’re shown to the main dining room, and after selecting a table, are asked if we want to tour the outdoor space (not quite open during our visit). After watching the fountains (do they ever get old?) and looking up at the world’s tallest building (also, cool factor), we walk back inside.

The team is clearly ready to please. We meet with not only the sous chef, but also the sommelier, and are looked after by a number of attentive servers, who top off our drinks and clear away plates efficiently.

Our Order
The menu is relatively ‘international’ in design, with a bit of an Asian twist — there is a Nigiri and Sushi menu available, in addition to the main menu.

Although we decide to dine ala carte, 3BK offers a six-course tasting menu for Dhs350, and an eight-course menu for Dhs450 as well (both of which I’m told are very filling).

To start, we order the tomato tartare - the first time for us to see on the menu. At AED45, we feel its a fair price for a dish that not only comes with freshly baked breadsticks but is also easy to share. Because we also love the meat version, we request the beef tartare as well, AED95. When it comes down to it, we really do prefer the vegetarian version -- the taste has surprisingly more depth, and with an easier price point, the tomato tartare is one we would definitely order again. Also, because this is Dubai, we place an order for Burrata, AED80. We like this version as much as any other, but it’s not groundbreaking. The chef also decides to send us Croquettes, AED55, which are delightfully smoky and cheesy. Overall, we wouldn’t be averse to more salt in any of the starters.

For mains, we stick with our mostly veggie approach and go for the Roasted Cauliflower, AED75 and the All About Corn, AED82. As my dining partner is trying to stay healthy, we also order salmon, AED105. Not the most exciting of dishes, but it’s always good to see how a kitchen delivers on a standard protein. Given our starters, we also opt-out of side dishes. The cauliflower is a big win, although, similar to above, we wouldn’t mind just a bit more salt. The portion is definitely easy to share. The salmon is cooked to perfection - tender and flaky and balanced with seasoning. Furthermore, the price might be one of the best in the city. While my dining partner enjoys the combination of corn and cheese, I find it lacking and don’t quite comprehend what the dish is trying to be. The presentation and overall concept need work, in my opinion.

After consulting with our server, we decide to pick just one dessert, and the presentation of the cheesecake is one of a kind. Not overly sweet, the tartness of the passion fruit helps make this dish dynamic. As a final thoughtful touch from the team, we receive both a palate cleanser (wonderfully fresh) and petit fours, both of which don’t go amiss.

Dishes arrive at a pace that makes sense. We don’t feel rushed, nor are we waiting too long between courses. While this might seem like an essential requirement, in reality, it speaks to the service training levels of a restaurant.

Although the restaurant is a third-party addition, the modern, contemporary design, and slightly metallic color palate match seamlessly with the rest of the Armani Hotel. Lighting is kept quite intimate, and the floor to ceiling windows are a stunning feature. Once the outdoor patio is open, views from the third floor looking back onto Dubai Mall, Souk al Bahar, and the fountains will be impressive.

Quite honestly, we expected higher prices. Because of the brand name, we thought the restaurant might price the menu to match the address. Fortunately, the price points are quite reasonable for the area.

Overall, would you return?
We’ve been searching for an outdoor evening venue in this part of town to impress visitors, and now we’ve found it. While the menu isn’t reinventing anything, it does deliver solid dishes at reasonable prices.

The tomato tartare is a must order, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see other restaurants copy this dish!

Disclaimer: MenuPages.ae was a guest of this establishment.