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Home    Spice Klub
Spice Klub
Opposite Sharaf DG
Kuwait Road

Bur Dubai
Cuisine: Indian

+971 4 393 1233
Hours : All days: 12pm - 3:30pm & 6:30pm - 11:30pm

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Restaurant Description   
SpiceKlub offers arguably one of the most creative styles of cooking. The place serves North Indian food with a twist to it. The everyday recipes and the street food renditions are presented in a completely distinctive style making it look all the more attractive. The menu includes reinvention of old-school dishes like Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Dhokla, Vada Pav etc that will blow your mind. Be it the Bombay Pav Bhaji Fondue, the Gujarati Deconstructed Dhokla, the Delhi Papdi Chaat or the Nothern Chole Kulcha, each creation is a masterpiece created to delight your tastebuds.

Not to miss out on the sinful desserts that come in never seen before avatars – Gulab Jamun Tart – All the goodness of your Gulab Jamun baked to perfection in a tart, Bubbling Kulfi - served in an open mouth jar with a dry ice bottom along with the number of toppings such as blueberry, chocolate and caramel and Chocolate Soap Bar – Your favourite chocolate ganache to name a few!

The dishes are presented in an extra-ordinary fashion that involves test-tubes, syringes, beakers, dry ice and several other unusual vessels and elements.

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1 Posted by Rachna over 5 months ago  
So after a lot of hype, I tried this place a few weeks ago. Honestly, I think its a hit and miss. Some dishes are mind blowing while the rest are just average. Pricing is fine for the experience. Parking is easy to find, and service is impressive.

The not so goods:
Almost none of us liked the lappet paneer. I think because of the crusty papad coating, the paneer lost its softness.
Dahi Kebab: the consistency is too liquidy for a kebab.
Pani puri - Fancy looking, served in test tubes, average in taste

The goods:
Pav bhaji fondue: All of us loved this, its the typical Mumbai-style pav bhaji
Nanza- More like the road style Indian pizza every kid loves.
Spinach and cheese cigars- A unique fritter sort of thing, with spinach on the outside and cheese filling.
Ice Lollies- they actually get you to make it urself on the table. You can mix the chocolate and kesar flavour. BEST !
Flower Pot - also a must try! Filled with res malai and the presentation is too good.

An extra 0.5 rating for their presentation and service!
Review Detail  
2 Posted by saloooo over 6 months ago  
I seriously love this place. I'm addicted to their pav bhaji fondue. It had a western touch wherein we have to dip the broken pieces of pav using a snail fork into the fondue bhaji. It had a thick creamy texture and tasted so beautiful.
Review Detail  
3 Posted by RayD over 6 months ago  
Serving #desi vegetarian food, for the comfort of the tummy and soul!

I'm not a very fussy eater, and whether its a vegetarian or non vegetarian resto, I enjoy my meals equally! Which is why I super excited to try this place out. It had been on my places-to-go list, from the time I knew about it.

Upon entering you'll witness their iconic wall stretched across one side of the restaurant (I'm sure most of you have got your DPs against this wall), beautiful ceiling design, cycle wheels, kites and copper HVACs, swing seats, and various decor on every wall. Absolutely love the interiors and the ambience created using these elements. Background score for your food shots have been sorted here.

Moving on to the food. Since we went as a group and everyone picked their own choice of the Business Set Lunch, i'll talk about the hits and miss.
We were also served 8 variety of condiments(Pickles, relish, sauces) to have with our meals. We couldn't wait for the food to arrive, so we begun this culinary ride by bringing out the adventurous foodies within us, and trying each out.

The staff here were super patient and helpful with us when deciding on what to order, as we were confused initially, because we weren't sure of the ingredients, flavors and spice level of each. So here goes...

Hit: Palak Adraki Kabab - This was a crowd pleaser! Out of all the ones we've tried, this was our pick of the appetizers. Bursting with flavor at every bite, we relished this one.
Galouti Kebab: This was my personal favorite. Loved the flavors infused with the paneer, which made it so delectable for the palette.

Miss: Paneer Lapeta - It was a total miss! Definitely the least favorite. We tasted more papad than paneer. As paneer is very tasteless on its own, some flavour/spice should have been added to avoid the bland taste.

We also tried the Hara Bara Kabab & Ganderi Kabab. It was an average dish, as we thought they could have added an extra ingredient or oomph to it. It was definitely missing out on that additional element that would bring out the flavours of it!

Main Course: We had the Amritsari Vadi, Moti Paneer Makhani & Veg Kadai.

The paneer makhani was way too sweet for our taste. I know generally it is sweet but they definitely went over board with this one. I'm usually not the type who wastes my food, unfortunately I had to leave this one (Paneer being every non-veg eaters favorite).

Dal: My personal favorite is the Dal Kabila(yellow dal). This was is and will always be my all time favorite staple meal. No one can ever go wrong with this. Nor did these guys! And if anyone ever does, trust me and switch :P (Always judge desi restaurants by the dal they make) Hahah!

Rice: I know you all know how rice tastes but I had to point it out to explain what we felt about the Veg Pulao. Most of them felt it was just plain rice with yellow food color added to it. It didn't taste like pulao to them. (If you're a picky eater, beware :P )

I'll skip the breads and move to the desserts! (My favorite part)

We tried the Paan Mousse and Cone-o-mania. Basically the cone-o-mania is just mini cones topped with a scoop of indian flavored cheesecakes. We were served Nutella, mango, pista, gulkand and a few other flavors. Texture wise it didn't feel like a cheesecake as the consistency wasn't as smooth, however we loved the taste of it! Wished we could have had more of it!

In conclusion: I loved my meal and enjoyed every bit of it! Definitely gonna come back to try out the other items off their menu!
P.s- If you're a hardcore non vegetarian, this ain't the place for you. However, if you're like me, you'll not regret this one!
Review Detail  
4 Posted by Anzia over 6 months ago  
Spiceklub is basically a vegetarian restaurant serving Indian cuisine with a twist of molecular gastronomy. The prices are quite reasonable unlike other restaurants as well. I was invited to review the Chef's special Table d Hote menu which includes 1 soup, 1 papad, 6 Appetizers, 3 mains, 1 Dal, 1 rice, 1 raita and two desserts. It is priced at Aed 111/- per person for a min of 6 person.

We started off with drinks. I tried the tender coconut water with rose caviar. The presentation is on point and a very refreshing drink to go.
For soup we had, Chilli palak soup. The creamy spinach soup would have been great if it was little less spicy.
Moving on, Pav bhaji fondue is a dish that you should never ever miss at Spiceklub. The mini pavs dipped in creamy fondue is so good that we never feel to stop.

Other starters that we tried were Papdi chaat, Hazari paneer and classic paneer tikka, Naanza, Vada Paav, Galouti kebab. I really loved the galouti kebab. Vada paav also had a twist with great presentation, creamy fondue, edible potato starch packs filled with spicy powder. Another must try here.

For main course , we tried Moti paneer makhani, Veg kadai, Chole, Veg dum biryani and steamed rice, Anardana and black salt raita, Dal Makhani accompanied with breads like naan, multi grain roti,sundried tomato and black olive naan. I really loved chole, veg kadai and dal makhani. The breads were quite hot and fresh too.

Finally, we tried the signature flower pot and bubbling kulfi for desserts. Both were amazing. The flower pot was filled with rasmalai and chocolate fondant. The bubbling kulfi was served with five different dips. I really loved the caramel one. The best part is ,we never missed our non-veg dishes here because each and every dish was visually attractive and great in terms of taste as well.
Review Detail  
5 Posted by Nada over 6 months ago  
Located Opposite of Aster Hospital, Near Sharaf DG, Kuwait Street. Mankhool.
Ambience is Fanatabolous.
Service and Staff are Quick and Very Informative.
As one enters into the restaurant will be amazed at one side by the huge Polychromatic indian design engraved on the wall which reminded of Rangoli patterns and other wall had Geometric threads connected like a web, Golden Temple painting hung at the back. The ceiling are covered by bicycle wheels Chandeliers and Painted Kites all finished off with Copper touches. Swing long chairs, cushions adorned with paintings and dialogues are the other plus points for positive vibes or for food photographers to be used for props.
Took my seat in the middle of the Rangoli design which actually gave Excellent pictures with colourful background.
Lets enter to the Avant Garde Journey at Vegan Style
Started off with the drinks that can be Eaten.
Mango on the Rocks - Brought in spherical beaker with handle contained mango pulps flash freezed in Liquid Nitrogen that gives the Rocky texture of Popcorn shapes wherein Warm Mango Juice is drizzled all over. Warm mango makes the rocky texture soft chunks. Essence of fresh Mango does its wonders. Ice Sphere - Brought in Mini Glass Bottom had small pieces of kiwi and grapes with fruit syrup and on top was the ball of ice injected with orange and Lychee flavour. Ball of ice is hammered and soda is splashed which after mixinig gives in sharp tangy and sweet tastes.
Coconut with Rose Caviar - Brought in spherical beaker contained coconut chunks which was in ice shavings topped with Rose Caviar. This definitely could not be drunk until all of the coconut ice melted so had to eat. What made the coconut iced was the liquid nitrogen underneath.
Seasonal Fruit Lassi - Served in 6 flavours on a Soup Spoon shaped alongwith dairy foam like Black Currant, Pineapple, Peach Apricot, Strawberry, Mango and Rose. Drink in one shot bursts with all the seasonal fruit flavours.
Pani Puri Shots - Cylinderical testubes contained the Spicy water in a glass of liquid nitrogen, Meetha pani in syringe, bowl of sprouts and potatoes and gol gappa puris. Sheer enjoyment to eat pani puri like laboratory experiments.
Nanza - Triangle shaped naan with pizza style topping of cottage cheese and spicy flavour sauces.
Mushroom Spinach Shaslik - Tri-colored/flavoured mushroom stuffed with Spinach and Cheese. Tikka/Red flavour Mushroom kebab, Saffron/Yellow flavoured Mushroom Kebab and Hariyali/Green flavoured Mushroom Kebab.
Vada Pav - Mini Square buns slit in the middle alongwith mint chutney, Meetha pani, mini besan crispy balls, edible mini triangle plastics of spicy mix powder and warm creamy texture fondue. Best and yummiest vada pav i ever had.
Pav Bhaji - Fondue experience wherein the square shape small bun pieces shallow fried in butter served alongwith a bowl of mixed vegetable ( bhaji ). To keep the bhaji warm a candle is lit underneath. Pick the small pieces of bun dip in bhaji and have western style.
Main Courses
Paneer Tikka Masala and 2 Naan & 1 Roti - Marinated Paneer grilled cooked in a thick spicy tomato gravy. Curry with tanginess tickles the taste bud but the Paneer softens all the flavours. It goes well with the 3 Naans. Basic Naan which is the Garlic Butter Naan were soo soft and melt into the mouth. Second was the Sundried Tomato & Black Olive Naan, the varied naan firts time trying it but yes it tasted yummier then the Garlic Naan. Third was the Gluten-free Roti. Compared to the other Naan this was not my favourite as it was Hard and taste-wise had the healthier version which i believe lot of diet restricted people will love it.
Vegetable Dum Biryani & Anardana Black Salt - Claypot Vegetable biryani did not feel it was Vegetarian as it had all the flavours of Authentic Biryani and masala cooked to perfection. Raita was the highlight Anardana Black Salt. Yoghurt with lots and lots of Pomegrantes and Black Salt which had strong salty flavour but when mixed with Biryani made the Salt super silent.
Old School Lollies - Who does not love drawing when food involves this then nothing can go more exciting. Instant lollies just made possible by Liquid Nitrogen where one can draw any designs and let it set on either for just 5 minutes and Lick and Enjoy. Chocolate & Bournvita flavour to gives borders and Kesar & Malai for filling in gaps. Bring out the Artist and Kid with this Kulfi Lollies.
Volcano - Was so excited in seeing the presentation that i dont recall what Mr.Terence said. To keep the lava popping out from the Chocolate Mousse Volcano Keasr & Malai again with the help of Liquid Nitrogen was injected in the middle and flooded all over the chocolate sandbed and Cigar Chocolates and Yes there was the Peru Jelly stem. I loved the chocolate Mousse again one of the best i ever Had.
SpiceKlub takes LIQUID NITROGEN to the Advanced Level. Theaterical Drama, Excitement and Keeping up with the Flavours, Richness and Authenticity were the pivotal speciality. Veggies Heaven on Board.
I personally believe when the interiors are superb always enhances the food flavours and tastesbuds. True to that Spiceklub just did not Disappoint.

Note : Please do get in touch with Mr.Terence who can guide throughout the thrilling food details about each Platter in the Menu.
Review Detail  
6 Posted by Leona over 6 months ago  
Being a hard core non vegetarian, going to a vegetarian restaurant and actually liking it is a rare occasion. Recently there has been a huge hype surrounding two new molecular gastronomy joints one specializing in Indian (Spice Klub) and the other with Mexican and Italian cuisines (Quattro). To see what the hype is all about I decided to go to the former with an expectation that the prices would be really high as neither are the prices of dishes mentioned on their Zomato menu nor in any other review I read before visiting the place. Their prices for most of the dishes remain in the AED 30-50 range which quite honestly is very fairly priced keeping in mind the quality, presentation, creativity and quantity of the dish without compromising on the flavours. I visited on a Wednesday Afternoon and even though it was empty at first the place partially filled up as we progressed with our meal so do take reservations to be on the safe side. Apart from that I loved the interior with that beautiful wall décor and there’s two tables with the seating as a swing.

Moving on to our order there were two of us and since we were unsure about the quantity we ordered after each dish dependent on quantity and it didn’t take much time. First came the complimentary stack of 8 assorted chutneys/pickles where one row is jain and the other non-jain. It consisted of Mango chutney (my favorite), tamarind chutney, spicy green chutney, mix pickle, yoghurt radish, yoghurt and cabbage and some others which I can’t recall but everything tasted pretty good.

We decided to just stick to starters and not get main course so the first dish we decided had to be the Pani Puri which costs AED 35 and comes with 12 pieces of puri, green gram, sweet chutney (imli) in a syringe and green spicy chutney in test tubes. There are people who’ve been complaining of how this isn’t a real pani puri but of course it isn’t it’s the fun of making it and having it which counts also if the flavor is lacking just try adding stuff from the the chutney tray might sound weird but its actually quite good.

Next we ordered Aloo Bharwan (stuffed potatoes) since I’m a hugeee potato lover and it came on this mini grill tray with 8 Pieces stuffed with cheese, capsicum and some chili caviar and costs AED 37. It tasted quite above average not too great since I got a bit of an after taste thanks to the charring effect on the outside. Had to stop with 2 starters since we were too stuffed or else I was really keen on ordering the Pav Bhaji Fondue and Naanza after this.

There was place for dessert of course and we went with their most raved about Bubbling Kulfi which costs AED 55 and again the quantity is quite good to share between 3 people. The kulfi is solidified into tiny bits and you’re supposed to mix it with the 5 toppings provided which consists of chocolate, caramel, rose caviar, rabri, and blueberry compote/jam. Every topping went beautifully with it and the taste of the kulfi was spot on. Definitely a must order.

Absolutely loved this place, pretty reasonable for the prices and entire experience and a great place to go with your family. My new favorite veg restaurant in this city.
Review Detail  
7 Posted by susann over a year ago  
Amazing concept! The food is really good. Place is super busy. Make sure you reserve before going.

Drinks are fancy. We tried a few and they were all good. Huge variety of food. Every dish is presented very well. And unlike other places it tastes pretty good. The pav bhaji fondue was good. The Pani Puri was good too. The vada pav was interesting too. The galouti kebab melts in your mouth.

For dessert we had the flower pot and bubbling kulfi. Both were delicious.
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