Original Wings & Rings

Original Wings & Rings

The usual dilemma of where to go on a Friday night was cut short when a friend
recommended Original Wings & Rings. The sound of a specialized Wings place was
music to my wife’s ears andI am always a “go” for some great ol’ American pub grub and
this place hits the spot.


I would recommend reserving a table here as it does get crowded on the weekends or
during a popular sports game.


The restaurant is located at The Liberty House building in DIFC on Level C. Once you get
to the building, you will see a gated parking entrance. We had to wait for a few minutes
before the security personnel came to us. We simply informed him that we were going
to Original Wings & Rings and he immediately let us in,told us where we could park
and informed us of the entrance to the building from the parking area. Quite convenient!

Also, as a note, there is no signage on the exterior of the building informing people of
the venue’s existence within.

Greeting& Seating:

As we entered, we were pleasantly greeted. We informed the hostess of our reservation
and were promptly taken to our table that was already prepared.

Knowledge & Service of the server(s):

Within a few minutes of being seated, we were welcomed by our server, who happily
went through the menu with usand recommended various options based on what was

Our Order:

For appetizers we ordered onion rings and the spinach and artichoke dip. For the main
course my wife just ordered the traditional wings to satisfy her craving while I went for
the buffalo ringer burger.

Courtesy extended during the meal:

Throughout the meal, the server stopped by frequently to check if we needed any
assistance. The entire staff seemed very polite and courteous.

Food quality & taste:

A visit to a sports bar cannot be for one who is looking to keep their BMI in check. With
that in mind, this place does everything right to fulfill the appetite’s desire to indulge.
The onion rings were large in size and had a good pepper flavoring, which set them
apart from the typical onion rings. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the wings while I
rampaged through my Buffalo Ringer Burger. The curly fries that came along with the
burger were delicious! The food overall was good with the exception of the spinach and
artichoke dip which I have had better at other places. The dip comes with toasted pita
chips, which perhaps did not really appeal to us. One thing to note is that they are
extremely generous with their portions so I recommend sharing the food and ordering
prudently. I was so satisfied after the appetizers that I had to request them for a junior
size burger, which they happily acquiesced despite the fact that the buffalo ringer
burger did not come in the junior size. We could not even think of ordering the
dessert as we were so full!


This place is perfect to come and watch sports, especially the more popular American
sports. They have plenty of screens all over the restaurant with a few football tables
around and a very lively ambiance. We also noticed that all the staff seemed very
cheerful which definitely creates a positive environment.


This place is very reasonable in terms of the pricing considering the size of the entrees.
Our bill came to around AED 250 including beverages but there was plenty of food left
over so perhaps not very indicative of the average price range.

Overall would I return?:

Definitely would return to watch some games at this venue.

Chefs Recommendations:

When the server went through the menu with us, following were some of the
recommendations she made that are considered specialties of the restaurant:

Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Onion Rings
Mini Burgers (Sliders)
Traditional Wings with crazy sauce
Original Gyros
Buffalo Ringer Burger

For more details for the venue Click Here.