Logma @ Box Park


Spontaneous plans are perhaps very rare in my household as I am not the one usually in charge. My better half is better for various reasons, which includes her detailed planning skills. This evening, however, I was responsible for coordinating a time and place to meet our relatives.

I realized how difficult it actually is to obtain a consensus and then take an executive decision regarding time and place. There are various considerations including the cuisine, area, repeat dine in place or something new, time etc. and the constant whatsapp messages going back and forth as many of us have forgotten how to dial a number.

I made it simple. Box Park @ 7pm. I figured there was something there that we could try.
Once we arrived, we found a few possible dining options and settled on Logma.

This place gets crowded for dinner but unfortunately they do not take reservations at the moment.
Parking is available alongside Box Park and is worth a try but I wouldn’t count on it. It is easier, however, to find a spot on the road behind the Emarat gas station which is in line with Box Park.

Greeting & Seating:
We were pleasantly greeted and were quickly offered a table for 6 inside as there were no tables available outside. This place does get busy at dinnertime.
Knowledge & Service of the waiter (s):
The server attending to us was excellent!(great) She pleasantly explained the Logma concept and recommended various dishes on the menu. She, along with all the other staff, seemed to be extremely enthusiastic about (their) customer service, which brought out a very positive and lively atmosphere throughout the restaurant.

Our Order:
Considering we were six people, all of whom were willing to share the food, we ordered a range of dishes. Our order included Khameer, Logma fries, an Island salad, a Labneh sandwich, a Turkey sandwich, a Halloumi sandwich and an Avacado Chicken Sandwich.
We also tried the Palm Island and Passion of Arabia mocktails,in addition to a Karak Tea.
Courtesy extended during the meal:
The staff were extremely courteous throughout our meal and as I mentioned earlier, it is wonderful to have a cheerful team serving you.

Food quality & taste:
Overall the food was good. Apart from the Khameer, however, we did not feel like the food was very “Emirati”. Perhaps, we should have tried some of the rice dishes as suggested by our server as they seemed more authentic.
The mocktails were both very good and the Karak tea is really worth trying.

This venue offers a very relaxed atmosphere for casual dining.

The bill came to AED 403 for 6 people which would work out to around AED 75 per person if you were to include a tip.I think that is fairly reasonable considering the amount of food we ordered.

Overall would you return:
To be honest, the only reason I would return is try out the deserts and perhaps some of the other more authentic dishes.

Chefs Recommendations:
Rice Dishes

For more details for the venue Click Here.