Dubai’s top 15 eggcellent breakfast joints

  • One Cafe by Life and One is a hippie playground where sitting cross-legged on the grass is actually encouraged over crossing your legs and sitting at a table. Even if you do decide to sit a table, you'll be guided to chunky tree trunks and seated around it. Organic doesn't just stop at the food here – it extends to the ambience and general way of life. Take a break from life at Life and One cafe. recommends: The chickpea omelet has some major dosa vibes going on!

    Good to know: Life and One doesn't just do food, it also does wellness classes and sells furniture.

  • If The Cheesecake Factory is too dinnery for you, Clinton Street Bakery is the solution to that problem. The buttermilk pancakes will make you want to call your momma and tell her all about it. The scrumptious biscuits and raspberry jelly combo will make you want to kiss the chef. Don't even get us started on why we think the buttermilk chicken here is a total culinary win! recommends: Enjoy a view of the Burj while tucking into the Burj Views Breakfast.

    Good to know: If you're craving some American classics, this place is for you.

  • Wild and The Moon will get your creative juices flowing – literally! This hole in the wall cafe whips up fridges full of enriching and exotic juices on a daily basis. Each bottle comes with a cool label that describes all the ways that particular juice will enhance your body and mind. Those who don't consider it breakfast until they've sunk their teeth into it can order anything from avocado + toast to power bowls of chia pudding and moon porridge. The coffee is electric – so order a cup! recommends: Nurse that weekend hangover with "Instant Recovery". A refreshing cold-pressed juice made from squeezing together pineapple, coconut water, and carrot.

    Good to know: Organic, vegan and gluten-free menu options available.

  • Raju Omlet's dishes are a delicious tango between simple spices and complex combinations. There's always a distinct hum in the air – a cacophany of clinking glasses, sizzling pans, chatting diners, and rushing waiters. The atmosphere at Raju's will wake you up better than an espresso ever could. Here's a tip: Its chicken reshmi + egg paratha wrap is the secret to all happiness. recommends: Start your morning off nice and spicy with the elaichi chai.

    Good to know: Raju's tables get busy quick, so the earlier you're there, the better.

  • Take a break from poached eggs and french toast, and indulge in a heaping feast of masala dosas higher than the Burj Khalifa or just a simple chutney sandwich. Peppered all over Dubai, Kamat is usually bustling with regular customers that just can't get enough of its awesome food. Skip your usual morning espresso for a cup of personality-rich masala tea or bubbling hot filter coffee. recommends: Get a 360-degree flavor experience with the Indian thali.

    Good to know: If you're sensitive to spice, make sure the waiter knows about it!

  • Setting foot in Stomping Grounds is like being teleported to a rainforest. The cafe is teeming with leafy verdance and more wood than the Amazon Jungle. Take a bite out of its irresistible salted caramel pancakes or go sailing in a baked egg boat. It's got a large variety of coffee too. Once you've wrapped up breakfast here, all you have to do is cross the street and there's the ocean waiting for you. Take your grandma's advice and wait an hour before swimming, though! recommends: If you've got a sweet tooth, order a massive portion of salted caramel pancakes. If you've got a savory tooth, give the salmon and cream cheese bagel a shot.

    Good to know: If you're struggling to find it, it's pretty close to Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah.

  • It bakes its own bread. It's a 120 year old family-run boulangerie. It's French. These are just three of the countless reasons you should love Paul. A charming little restaurant, often woven into quiet corners of walking districts and malls, it's an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Treat yourself to a French feast of crepes, croissants, and coffee here. You certainly won't regret it. recommends: The perfect place to indulge in a greasy, cheesy, gooey gratin.

    Good to know: Paul typically doesn't offer wifi, if you're going there to work on your laptop.


  • Load your car up with petrol because driving over to Craft Cafe is a mini road trip. Tucked in the lanes of the newly launched Dubai Design District, this restaurant is where all the cool kids hang out. Purple mohawks, hipster tattoos, leather trousers – these are all common sights here. If you like to keep your orange juice and waffles separate, send your palate on a roller coaster ride with the orange duck and Belgian waffles. Wash it down with a Guatemala single-origin coffee. recommends: The Belgian waffles with shredded duck in an orange dressing.

    Good to know: It's topsy-turvy drive there, so make sure you've got your GPS with you.

  • This place has spent the past 25 years putting delicious food into its diner's bellies. The cafe's mission is to become everyone's answer to the classic question: Where will I meet you? Even if you're more of a tea person, ordering a cup of coffee here comes with a cause. Its coffee is UTZ certified which means it supports sustainable farming, working and environmental practices. recommends: An indulgent affogato to complement these chilly winter nights.

    Good to know: Keep your little one entertained on a coffee date with a fun soda float.

  • A sophisticated seaside restaurant, The Hampton's cafe is a wonderful place to break bread with friends and family. Its breakfast options are inspired by everywhere from Montauk to Long Island. The menu features breakfast classics like french toast, a variety of eggs, and crostinis. recommends: For some pinky finger in the air action, order the rose croissant.

    Good to know: A typical meal for two here is approximately 250 dirhams.

  • Al Quoz's culinary superstar, Tom and Serg, should be on every breakfast lover's bucket list. Whether you want to cool off with a refreshing acai bowl or get down and dirty with the Breaky Bao – its menu will rock the socks off your taste buds. Get your Instagram filters ready! recommends: Wrap your tongue around the Breaky Bao for epic flavor explosions!

    Good to know: If you're a freelancer and looking for somewhere that has two decent things – coffee and wifi strength – type Tom and Serg into your GPS and hit the road.

  • How does breakfast for dinner sound to you? The clue's in the name with Eggspectation – get a heaping dose of Omega 3 with this restaurant's vast array of eggs cooked in weird and wonderful ways. Launched in Montreal in 1993, the restaurant is now a globe-trotting brekkie sensation. recommends: Don't walk out that door without trying its signature hollandaise sauce!

    Good to know: If you're looking for some peace and quiet, hit Eggpectation in the evening.