Crumbs Elysée

Crumbs Elysée
Friday! I cannot describe enough how much I look forward to Fridays. No work calls, no stressful situations to resolve andmost importantly, time with friends & family. 

Well, this Friday, I had a brunch date with my wife. She got to pick the venue of her choice and I got to do the chivalrous bit – pay the bill!

We reached Crumbs Elysee around 12pm

We did not make a reservation, perhaps we were just plain lazy and perhaps we also assumed that it should not be too difficult to accommodate a couple. Turns out the restaurant was half empty so we were all right.  

Greeting & Seating:
Upon entering, we were graciously greeted by the staff who guided us to a cozy table for two.

Our Order:
As much as we don’t want to believe it, yes the summer has started.  The short drive over to the restaurant was thirsting enough, so we ordered a small bottle of water & some fresh juices. Apple juice for my lovely and an apple carrot mix for myself. We also ordered eggs benedict to share and a chocolate chip pancake for dessert. 

The drinks arrived quickly and were refreshing.  For a change it was fun to have other fresh juices from the usual fresh orange juice offered at most venues. The eggs benedict and the chocolate pancakes arrived together. Perhaps we should have informed them to serve the pancakes after we had eaten the eggs, especially as the table was small and the plates were big thus making it difficult to place everything on the table comfortably.

Courtesy extended during the meal:
After serving our order, they did not really stop by to check if we needed anything but when they sensed that you were looking around to find an attendant/waiter, they did come quickly to offer their assistance. They changed our cutlery when we switched from savory to sweet, so I would definitely give them a thumbs up for that!

Food quality & taste:
My thoughts remain that food taste is an opinion and also depends on how far up you are the gourmet ladder in terms of the “refinement & exposure” of your taste buds. Nevertheless, our opinion was that the food was good. Not excellent, not poor but good.

Below are some pictures to give you an idea of the décor. Couldn’t figure out whether the cakes were real or not and did not ask because LV cakes just don’t scream elegance nor arouse my interest. For the “Jumeirah elite”, however, it may be of interest.

Our ratings are generally on a scale of 1 to 5. I would rate the prices as moderate (3/5) considering the bill for our order was AED 145.

Overall would I return?
Perhaps not, unless invited.

For more details for the venue Click Here.