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Ramadan Kareem!

ramadan Tents
Ramadan Tents

Lavish tents have been setup throughout the city of Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan. Here is a round up of some of the top tents in the city with their Iftar Suhoor promotions.

Top tents to visit during Ramadan
Iftar & Suhoor
Iftar & Suhoor

Looking for a place to break your fast or a place to have a meal before dawn?
Our list of Iftar & Suhoor promotions covers some of the best offers available in town.

A list of venues hosting promotions during Ramadan
Daytime Dining Venues
Daytime Dining Venues

For those who are not fasting, these venues are open in the day during the holy month of Ramadan.

Options for dining during the daytime
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